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Frankie Teardrop Dead - “All You Need Is Love and F*cking Peace” (2018) review

Frankie Teardrop Dead - All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace (Panther Records, 2018)

Another band in love will adopting rather silly puns for their name (cf., Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre, et. al.), these dreamgaze Londoners don’t actually sound like their avant garde minimalist synth forebears (for the uninitiated, they’re named after a Suicide song). They’re also more like a neighborhood collective than a band, as their ranks occasionally swell to as many as seven different members. This musical variety (congas, synth, banjo, several guitarists and a couple of percussives) helps develop their wall of shoegaze sound into an occasionally disorienting headswirling maelstrom of psychedelic sludge we love so well here at It’s Psychedelic Baby Towers!

Hasting’s Street Opera - “Summertime” premiere

Unknown until now US private pressing from 1969. Underground psychedelic electric jazzrock / improv sound with mellow folk-rock moves and homemade / basement atmosphere. 

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #32 (December)

A brand new podcast hosted by Ross Beattie (The Night Tripper)

The Mystery Lights - Flowers In My Head, Demons In My Mind
Psychic Lemon - Hey Droog!
Psilocibina - LSD 
Ty Segall - St Stephen
Sonic Youth - Junkies Promise
Jad Fair - New Girl Can’t Help It
Sunday’s & Cybele - Unbalanced
Allen Ginsberg - Dope Fiend Blues
Frozen Planet 1969 - Encore: A Herbal Miracle 
Fungus Hill - My Delusion 
God’s Teeth & The Interstellar Tropics - Hot Cheese (Part2)
Space Debris - Music Is God
Da Captain Trips - Mother Earth
Current 93 - Bright Dead Star

Go!Zilla interview

Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is the Go!Zilla comeback album, released two years after their last Sinking In Your Sea album. It’s the beginning of a new sound adventure for these five Italians.

M.A.D. - “Eight Of Coins” premiere

Mario Barrios grew up in a family with a long history in music, a third generation guitarist he was never far from it. His passion continued throughout his life leading him to play in the bands Gantez and Avid Dancer who just recently toured the states with the band BORNS. 


Darwin’s Finches - “Yaupon Tea” premiere

With a name making reference to obscure minutia of Charles Darwin’s research regarding the adaptive evolution of birds’ beaks, one might expect a certain esoteric character to a band. And Darwin’s Finches is certainly an anomaly of its own. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not a brilliantly catchy band. In fact, Good Morning Creatures II, the trio’s third album is a tart and twangy, hook-filled 10-song batch of great rock songs that sound as if they’d evolved completely out of contact with the rest of the rock world.

Soft Sports - “Gordon” premiere

Taking inspiration from artists such as George Harrison and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Soft Sports are the answer to your psychedelic-folk dreams. The newcomers use their Americana and soul infused rock to contort their influences into something subtly psychotropic and off-beat, reviving political-folk themes for the iPod generation.

King Buffalo - “Longing To Be The Mountain” (2018) review

King Buffalo - Longing To Be The Mountain (Stickman Records, 2018)

Rochester, NY is home to many fine bands, from many genres as well. However, none have captivated me like King Buffalo does. This bands members are able to weave lush soundscapes, soundscapes that will fill your ears with wonderment, and with tranquility.

3 Games Every Psychedelic Rocker Will Love

We love music and we love games, so it made sense to try to find some of the best games that our rocking readers would love. Here are a few of the best titles we found.

Beachglass - “Sunroom Sanctuary” (2018) review

Beachglass - “Sunroom Sanctuary” (2018)

I was deeply hoping Beachglass would release Sunroom Sanctuary before the end of the year, where instead of heading off to a show, here I sit with “Hard Heart” having just wasted my soul, while “And the Sunset” finds my feet up on the ottoman refusing to move.

The Limiñanas interview

They’ve Got Trouble In Mind – An Interview with Lionel Limiñana

The Sonic Dawn interview

Copenhagen psychedelic trio The Sonic Dawn have just completed a European tour with Heavy Psych Sounds label mate and stoner rock legend Brant Bjork. They have two albums under their belt already and their latest album is on the way early next year. Everything is looking acid drenched and paisley for this great Danish band. I caught up with their drummer Jonas Waaben to ask a few questions...

The Kundalini Genie interview

Spaced out drones, druggy melodies, a hammering rhythmic section and an eccentric, high octane frontman leading the charge.

Ōgon Batto

“Accepting time as a filter”

With Hedoro, Ōgon Batto made an album with 29 synth based and Japan influenced mini dramas. 

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - “All is Lust” premiere

Off the heels of the creation of the most sublime, hypnotic and spacey music of the band’s career with their album Lavender Blood, the Detroit trio Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor are back with a pair of new singles and an accompanying video.

Four of the Best Games for Psychedelic Film Fans

‘Psychedelic’ is an interesting word. It means ‘mind manifesting’, and is usually associated with the zany, strange, and out of this world. An art, music, and even movie genre all of its own, it’s intended to leave your brain feeling wonderfully warped. And now it’s come to the gaming sphere, too. If you fancy some truly perception-altering play, here are four of the best games to check out.