Liam Gallagher – ‘Acoustic Sessions’ (2020)

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Liam Gallagher – ‘Acoustic Sessions’ (2020)

It’s difficult to know if ‘Acoustic Sessions’ (released in 2020) should be considered an album or a bootleg, as the material is drawn from a music documentary of Liam in the studio recording and preforming stripped-back versions of eight tracks from ‘Why Me? Why Not?’, along with a couple Oasis classics ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Cast No Shadow’, the lovely ‘Sad Song’, along with a demo version of the number ‘Once’.

All of this goes to prove that good songs are good songs no matter how you do it, and here all of these numbers are earnest downright delights. This isn’t to say that Liam’s vocals haven’t changed over the years, because they have, he’s no longer a kid and certainly he’s done a bit of damage to himself with the passage of time. Keeping that in mind, gone is the naive charm of those early vocals, revealing a more melodic man with a deeper range and understanding, spinning out something more considered and more meaningful; a true look-back through the darkness for the faithful.

That said, the collection is available from a number of sites for download only, including Amazon, Spotify Apple Music and such.

Jenell Kesler

Liam Gallagher – ‘Acoustic Sessions’ (Warner Records 2020)

Liam Gallagher – ‘MTV Unplugged (Live at Hull City Hall)’ (2020)

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