Vibravoid – “Delirio Dei Sensi” (2013) review with interview

March 28, 2013

Vibravoid – “Delirio Dei Sensi” (2013) review with interview

New upcoming album by German psychedelic
rockers Vibravoid is their ninth career album and studio release in three
years. Released in good old traditions on vinyl, “Delirio dei sensi” opens the
door to new sound by Vibravoid provided with great songs. Although album has
band`s well-known retro-vintage atmosphere, the song selection and production
approach make it sound fresh and new.
As usual, their music sounds unique. They
are the keepers of good psychedelic and acid rock tradition, that after 12
years since their debut, don`t ramble with sound but keep it typically
Album opens with cover of Serge
Gainsbourg`s song “Poupée De Cire” that was introduced to the wide audience on
Eurovision song contest in 1965 by French singer France Gall.  Ten minutes of groovy “Listen can`t you hear”
is a great trip through this erotic-inspired song, with rocking instruments in
the best manners of the genre. “Color Your Mind” is a great cover of 1986 song
by Australian band Tyrnaround.
B1 track “The empty sky” is atmospherically
closest to their earlier work like “Politics of Ecstasy” but with some sort of
progressive touch in it. “Magic Mirror” continues the psychedelic vibes and
introduces the master-piece instrumental “The Golden Escalator” that concludes
the vinyl version.
Album comes with bonus CD with five bonus
tracks, two of which have been previously released on Fruits De Mer Records,
UK. The CD offers longer playing time, so the band stuffs it with songs! The
rest of the tracks are leftovers from various sessions.
In order to introduce the album to the
readers of “It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine”, Vibravoid`s guitarist and singer Christian
Koch agreed to answer a couple of questions…
First of all, is it true that you recorded
the entire album in just two days, while you toured Italy? Has the recording
been planned or has it happened spontaneously?

We had 2 days off and needed a place to
sleep, so Go Down Record offered to stay at their studio and record some tracks
for an album indented to contain some studio and some live tracks from the
show… well, it turned out to be a full studio album, yes, it was very
spontaneously as we made half of the songs at that time.
What inspired you to make such an album?

The need to fill it! You know, there was
some blank space that we had to fill with music, so we picked 2 of the most
recent cover songs we played live on shows and started recording the album.
Here you experimented with your own stuff
and with some covers. How the choice came to “Colour Your Mind” by
Tyrnaround and French chanson “Poupée De Cire”?
“Colour Your Mind” is an all-time
favorite track and one of the best psychedelic tracks ever to emerge from the
80s – it was at the time that we started to play it live, now we even got it on
an album, I think that´s cool! > Well, the same with “Poupée De Cire”. Serge
Gainsbourg was one of the best composers and an extremely cool guy, so it was
at the time to pick up something from him!
What is “Listen Can´t You Hear”
about? What inspired you to write and record this song?

It is a love song about a boy and girl and
basically – can I say it? …about a blow job!
Do songs like “The Golden Escalator”
came as a result of directly recorded jams?
Yes, the track is recorded as we played it
– it actually is an improvised music that follows some basic layouts and
structures. We had the idea to make a song like this and put it together in a
very short time, so a lot of it is first take recordings and some little

This album sounds less aggressive and yet
more sophisticated and progressive than the previous ones. It`s been twelve
years since your debut “2001”, do you think that you grew up as band
and started to upgrade your music by each new album?

I think we did the biggest achievements in
production, Gravity Zero led us to a good way that probably prospered on the
re-master of the Politics album to full bloom… and Delirio benefits from that a
lot, apart I must say, that the equipment at Go Down Studio is very good and
Epi is a very good engineer to work with and also records a very good sound. I
guess a lot of things come together and surely the Italian atmosphere and
climate, the studio is near Rimini and you feel a bit blessed that you can
record under such good circumstances. 
What were the major things that happened to
the band since last year`s “Gravity Zero” album?
Probably that we started Stoned Karma
Records, our own label. At the moment we spend most attention on it and I am
working on the next releases. Yes, it really is a lot of work and I am
absolutely not able to say where it all will lead to, but it is a good feeling
to do it and maybe the most exciting phase of our band career. 
You are among the most popular European
psychedelic bands, but what are the plans for Vibravoid to tour other
continents and make a breakthrough there?

Oh, yes, why not – at the moment it is
difficult enough to get the shows going at places around Germany. We stage a
big event with our lightshow and sound equipment, so we have to ask for a lot
of money to play shows. I know that it is very difficult to get that money when
you are unknown at the place you play – so I think the first step is to
increase our popularity outside of Europe.

How would You describe modern psychedelic
rock scene in Europe?
There is really not a lot what I can
consider as a psychedelic scene – especially most of the new music sucks and
has got nothing to do with psychedelia. I think that through the exploitive use
of the term “psychedelic” and of the optical style. I mean how ridiculous is it
to mix “dead-metal-skulls-and-skeletons” with hippie imagery – this  is absolute rubbish and only shows that these
people do not understand what psychedelia is about and are best forgotten!!!
…but there is something growing: I am really happy that there are some new
bands around that play really great music, the last ones I discovered are
Giobia from Italy and Fogbound from Spain. I think the UK is doing great at the
moment as they re-discover that psychedelic is not stoner rock… and with pop
groups like Temples they really got something to offer!
What music inspires you lately?

At the moment my power rotation contains
Group 1850 (as always,sorry), Os Mutantes and the Music Machine! Lately I got
again into some good old Seeds tracks and really liked the bonus tracks from
the> new Yellow Sunshine Explosion CD – unfortunately not on vinyl!!!!
Tracklist (vinyl):
A1 Poupée De Cire
A2 Listen Can´t Your Hear
A3 Colour Your Mind
B1 The Empty Sky
B2 Magic Mirror
B3 The Golden Escalator
CD bonus tracks: All Stars Have Gone To
Sleep, Optical Sounds, Neaby Shiras, La Poupée Qui Fait Non, Black And White
Album “Delirio dei sensi” will be
officially out 30th March 2013 on Go Down 
Records, Italy.
Review & interview made by Andrija
© Copyright
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