Vibravoid interview

June 13, 2012

Vibravoid interview

Turn on! Tune in! And drop out! The credo of Dusseldorf’s psychedelic and acid rockers -or simply Vibravoid’s music is faithfully devoted to it.

When did you form?

Around 1997, out of the ashes of the Void Forum, you can read all this on the Turned On Acid album – where the whole story is revealed.

Vibravoid by Ingo Lammert

Who were your major influences?

There is nothing as such, there are surely some bands we like and that certainly have an influence on us – we just do what we like and do not reflect that much on it.

Who writes the lyrics?

Basically everything is Vibravoid and by such an individual approach is not possible or necessary – it is all the group, whatever is said.

You are very inspired by the 60s counterculture. 

Probably yes, surely we are all a product of that time, it is sad to see what has become of such an important era of art.

Are you currently on a tour?

We play as much as we can, so we also play a lot of shows in Germany all the time. It is planned to play some shows in Greece and Italy later this year. At the moment we are working on some new releases and are re-mastering the Distortions and Minddrugs albums for future vinyl releases.

How important is audiovisual experience?

Yes, this is very important for us. Yes, we try to make it an experience. We use a lot of self made gear and are thankful that we have support from American DJ what helps a lot to reach a high professional standard and to develop our highly individual light show.

Vibravoid by Ingo Lammert

Gravity Zero is your latest album. What’s the concept behind it?

Well to be honest there is nothing like a story behind it. It’s just a couple of songs that were written at the same time. Plus some tracks like “No Silver Bird” or “Shot Gun Wedding” that were laying around and waiting to have a proper release… and some tracks that did not make it onto the album. There is basically one exception, “Radiation Zero”, the last track recorded for the CD as a bonus track. It somehow makes a play on words with the opening cut “Gravitation Zero”. Strangely that one suddenly gave a concept to the album – what also works on the LP, although the track is not even released on the vinyl!

It just happened that way and it worked out fine. I guess that is the best way how music can be created: just do it and do not think about it…

Vibravoid by Ingo Lammert

Thank you. Last word is yours.

At the moment we concentrate on the above mentioned releases and are busily working on the next studio album Wake Up – Before You Die! what will take the Vibravoid’s sound to new dimensions. We also got a support from Vox now and are looking forward to use the new edition of the beloved “Phantom” shape guitars – the Vox Apache features some new electronic effects, what is really exciting. So, we hope that we can increase the high standard of our live performances due the superior equipment. I think this is a thing to really look forward to!

– Klemen Breznikar

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