‘Momento Perfetto’ by Wildwood Morning | New Album, ‘Hurt No Living Thing’

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‘Momento Perfetto’ by Wildwood Morning | New Album, ‘Hurt No Living Thing’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Momento Perfetto’ by the Berlin-based Italian-German duo Wildwood Morning, taken from the upcoming album ‘Hurt No Living Thing,’ slated for release on June 21, 2024, on the independent label Dynamite Platten.

‘Hurt No Living Thing,’ the sophomore offering from the Italian-German duo Wildwood Morning, is set to make waves both digitally and on vinyl come June 21, 2024. With roots firmly planted in Berlin’s vibrant music scene, this folk-psych-pop ensemble transcends genre boundaries, presenting eight tracks that evoke a spirit of musical liberation.

Henning’s deft hand at crafting songs from simple, yet mesmerizing picking patterns forms the album’s backbone. These initial demos evolve into intricate, multi-layered compositions, invoking the timeless essence of ’60s and ’70s folk and psych rock while forging a distinct path forward. Laura’s ethereal vocals, seamlessly shifting between English and Italian, add a rich layer of depth to the album, her lyrics a perfect match for the duo’s expansive soundscapes.

The album is a collaborative masterpiece, featuring contributions from a host of talented friends. Kiryk Drewinski (Wedge, Ex Magnificent Brotherhood, Ex Liquid Visions) delivers searing guitar solos that inject a vital energy into the tracks, while also lending his artistic touch to the album’s cover design. David and Elias Engler (Tanga Elektra) bring their unique flair with electric violin and drums across seven tracks, adding a dynamic vibrancy. Manuel Pushmann (Ex Sir Robin & The Longbow Men) provides the haunting tones of the Farfisa and synthesizer, while Eva Ottmer and Tilo Schönknecht (Kiwanokey) enrich the album with their vocals and guitars.

Today, we are premiering ‘Momento Perfetto’ from their upcoming album. The stage performance of the song is interspersed with black-and-white pictures of everyday life in Venice—seemingly normal scenes that appear to come from another world. The psychedelic sound of the song is paired with Italian lyrics about finding perfect moments in daily life. Patience and endurance, the silent powers behind daily experiences, flow drop by drop every day. What is it, or who is it, that gives life meaning? Poetry? Politics? Amid the tiny yet remarkable steps from dawn to dusk, back pain and laziness, exhaustion and poor sleep, minutes spent in the material world make every moment seem almost the same. The same light, the same sky… What more can I do? In the end, only one thing makes a difference: if you manage to make this very moment the perfect moment.

Tracks weave between the raw energy of psych-punk in ‘Momento Perfetto’, the introspective calm of kraut-folk in ‘On a Windy Day’, and the haunting echoes of desert folk reminiscent of Calexico in ‘Into the Woods’. There’s even a touch of folk-ska, and the album opens with a gritty garage-rock tribute to Russian icon Viktor Tsoi.

The lyrical content, inspired by Victorian-era poet Christina G. Rossetti, adds another layer of profundity. Tracks like ‘Who has Seen the Wind’ carry a delicate, airy quality, while ‘Shout Out’ delves into the poignant drama of being estranged from one’s inner peace. The album’s title, ‘Hurt No Living Thing,’ also a Rossetti nursery rhyme, is a poignant and resolute call for peace and justice in a world teetering on the brink.

Henning’s production prowess is evident throughout the album, and the final polish comes from Krautrock legend Eroc, whose mastering expertise ensures each track shines. Released under the independent label Dynamite Platten (Berlin/Dresden), ‘Hurt No Living Thing’ is a bold release that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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Wildwood Morning – ‘Wildwood Morning’ (2020)

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