‘Dust’ by Gae Vinci featuring Black Snake Moan

Uncategorized March 22, 2024

‘Dust’ by Gae Vinci featuring Black Snake Moan

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Dust’ by Gae Vinci featuring Black Snake Moan. 

As the seasons change and we transition from spring to summer, there’s a musical style that perfectly mirrors this shift – Neo-psychedelia. In ‘Dust,’ with the collaboration of Black Snake Moan, Gae Vinci captures the essence of this seasonal evolution in just over four captivating minutes. This track effortlessly creates a mystical ambiance, captivating the senses with its enchanting melody and evocative sonic landscapes.

Through ‘Dust,’ Gae Vinci envelops listeners in a tapestry of retro sounds, transporting them to a nostalgic reverie of a 1960s American road trip. The echoes of Buffalo Springfield permeate the airwaves as you glide in a convertible Cadillac, the scenery fading in the rear-view mirror. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Galaxie 500, Vinci infuses the song with a vintage allure akin to The Jesus and Mary Chain’s recent offerings. It comes as no surprise that Vinci opted for Palomino Sound Studio in Los Angeles for mixing and mastering, aiming to imbue the track with an authentic American vibe.

The production of ‘Dust’ highlights the prominence of acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, skillfully executed by Tommaso M. Storari, complemented by the asynchronous tambourines, enriching the composition with depth and texture. Originally recorded during the ‘Lonely Ballads’ sessions in the summer of 2021, ‘Dust’ found its rightful place in this retro-infused release after not quite fitting stylistically for Vinci’s album. Black Snake Moan’s deep baritone voice lends a soulful layer, infusing the track with blues and psychedelic rock influences.

Hailing from Sicily but now based in Milan, Gae Vinci demonstrates his versatility and ingenuity with ‘Dust’. Departing from his electronic origins, Vinci’s latest venture signifies a convergence of his musical journey, resulting in a sound that authentically represents him. ‘Lonely Ballads,’ Vinci’s most recent album, showcases tracks written and produced solely by him, with input from fellow musicians and vocalists. Vinci’s dedication to authenticity prompted him to establish the independent label Blood on the Tracks in late 2022, offering a platform for releasing music that aligns with his vision and values.

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