Steve Gunn – ‘Nakama’ (2022)

Uncategorized January 30, 2022

Steve Gunn – ‘Nakama’ (2022)

A deliciously laidback wasted sunbaked adventure that simply smolders, rising up like heatwaves from the desert macadam to morph with the drifting clouds that seem to hover just out of reach.

Steve’s always at his best when his talents merge with others, in this case Mdou Moctar, the Natural Information Society, Circuit des Yeux, and Bing & Ruth.

The songs are light-handed and lightheaded, infused with small intoxicating effects that will have your thoughts drifting back in time, where the opening number ‘Protection’ instantly brought flashes of Brian Eno to mind, yet in the same breath, entirely different. No Steve Gunn album is to be missed, with ‘Nakama’ being no exception. Sadly it’s a download proposition only, but who knows what the future holds.

*** The Fun Facts: Nakama (仲間) is a Japanese word that directly translates to friends, comrades, and with the stretch of the imagination, crewmates.

Jenell Kesler

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