The Backdoor Society Featuring Paolo “Apollo” Negri ‎– ‘On The Run’ b/w ‘Ballad Of A Liar’ (2021)

May 15, 2021

The Backdoor Society Featuring Paolo “Apollo” Negri ‎– ‘On The Run’ b/w ‘Ballad Of A Liar’ (2021)

There’s nothing like a couple of swinging songs to stir the senses and send the body into motion. So get ready to cut the rug with a grin on your mug to this phenomenal new single from the Backdoor Society!

By injecting a sweaty and smoky Northern Soul vibe into a big blast of savage garage rock, the renowned band from Italy has unfurled a platinum-plated winner with ‘On The Run’. Broadcasting salty lyrics of the kiss-off kind, the track pounds and spins with galloping Hammond organ drills, blistering guitar action and a cocky snarl situated somewhere between the Shadow of Knight’s Jim Sohns and the Chocolate Watch Band’s Dave Aguilar. As tinsel on the present, pinching and probing hooks appear at every turn.

Equally catchy, ‘Ballad Of A Liar’ seethes with intensity, and once again emphasizes the Backdoor Society’s tight and powered instrumental moves. Cycling at a rapid pace, the blues-branded raver is punctuated with cool melodic breaks that add an element of uniqueness to the arrangement.

Made up of vocalist Giovanni Orlandi, guitarist Simone Modicamore, bassist Denis Cassi and drummer Andrea Corti, the Backdoor Society tapped the illustrious Paolo Apollo Negri to work his organ magic on these great songs that recreate the sound and spirit of 1966 in full-on freakbeat mode with style and precision. The Backdoor Society ranks as one of the best bands in their field, and ‘On The Run’/’Ballad Of A Liar’ certainly validates their desirability.

Beverly Paterson

The Backdoor Society Featuring Paolo “Apollo” Negri ‎– ‘On The Run b/w Ballad Of A Liar’ (Hypnotic Bridge Records 2021)

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