‘Evil, Vile Main Street Yuppies’ by Sorry Eric

October 8, 2020

‘Evil, Vile Main Street Yuppies’ by Sorry Eric

Exclusive premiere of ‘Evil, Vile Main Street Yuppies’ from upcoming new album ‘It’s Okay’ by Sorry Eric.


‘Evil, Vile Mainstreet Yuppies’ is written about Cincinnati’s gentrified Main Street in the Over-The-Rhine Neighborhood but essentially could be written about any downtown corridor that is propped up and populated by “evil, vile” yuppies and their spawn. After working at a Deli in the middle of this rot, Sorry, Eric’s frontman Eric Dietrich does not mince words for these nu-colonizers.

Sorry Eric is an indie rock band from Cincinnati, OH. Composed of members of Vacation, Mardou, Homemade Drugs and Brindle, Sorry Eric tackles this love-hate relationship head-on with spiky, fist-pumping post-punk of the proper-noun dropping ‘Cincinnati, Evil, Vile Main Street Yuppies’ and ‘It’s Okay’. Dietrich internalizes these external struggles on declarative spoken-word songs like ‘Earthly Insults’ and ‘Bicycle Experiments’ where characters tackle existential questions following funerals or during suburban bicycle rides.

Sorry Eric’s pop sensibilities can be best understood in their lineage to New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records from the undeniable melodic sensibility and slightly skewed perspective on each song’s composition to Robert Scott’s (The Bats) painting on the LP cover, the spiritual connection runs deep.

‘It’s Okay’ by Sorry Eric releases October 9, 2020 via Whited Sepulchre Records.

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