Ariel Kalma

May 29, 2019

Ariel Kalma

Sarah Davachi and Ariel Kalma made a jazzy ambient album together, called ‘Intemporel’.

“Using music and repetitive patterns to quiet the mind, induce Dreamtime and induce Visions”

How did the both of you got to known each other?

Ariel Kalma: Sarah was opening for me in Vancouver and I loved her music, so when I read she comes to Australia I invited her to record with me in my studio.

What do you have in common with her?

Sarah is a very subtle minimalist, she listens very well, she takes the time to tune her instruments very well.

What are the differences between you two?

She is a woman, that’s an important difference!

Why did you decide to make an album together?

Because we have affinities musically, because we both like melodies, because Sarah, like me, is interested in quality.

Where, when and how did you make this album?

Last July, Sarah rented a car and drove 189 km to my house near Byron Bay, Australia. We had only one afternoon so went right into it.

Ariel Kalma

Who did what?

Sarah played Harp Odyssey and me wind instruments and my synthe-keyboard. We took turn to also play the Indian tanpura and harnonium.

What does the title of the album mean?


The two pieces of wood on the album cover, do they represent the both of you? Is Sarah the ball and you the cube, or the other way around? 

Interesting question, I have no idea about the answer.

Because this is for a magazine called It’s Psychedelic Baby: would you consider this music being psychedelic?

I like the definition of psychedelic saying “Expansion of consciousness”. Sarah and myself are using music and repetitive patterns to quiet the mind, induce Dreamtime and induce Visions. Therefore I agree that Intemporel is also a psychedelic album. – Joeri Bruyninckx

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