‘Firefly’ by The Chemistry Set

November 30, 2018

‘Firefly’ by The Chemistry Set

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Firefly’ by The Chemistry Set.

‘Firefly’ is a heavy psych-pop ‘instant classic’, with fuzz guitars set to 11, exceptional bass guitar, 12 string Rickenbacker rhythms, powerhouse drumming, the dirtiest Farfisa you will hear this year, juxtaposing with beautiful ethereal vocals, arabesque swirls, amazing guitar solo and the cherry on the cake – phasing on the outro!

You can hear classic elements of old and new psychedelia but with Chemistry Set twists and originality. All of this with the best production that the guys have ever done. ‘Sail Away’ starts more gently, with 12 string acoustics, cigar box guitar, tablas and Indian percussion but soon begins to incorporate other elements…a 12 string Rickenbacker riff bathed in echo, reverse snare, hand claps, pianos, a sizzling solo and, oh yes, a mellotron with the Brian Jones brass setting at the end. Pure and utter class.

Mesmerising, in fact. The CD includes two remixes of The Moody Blues’ ‘Legend Of A Mind’ by Astralasia’s Marc Swordfish.

The Chemistry Set Facebook / Bandcamp / YouTube

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