Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys – “You Had Your Cake, So Lie in It” (2018) review

October 20, 2018

Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys – “You Had Your Cake, So Lie in It” (2018) review

Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys – You Had Your Cake, So Lie in It (Fat Elvis Records, 2018)
Twangy gritty country music is seldom taken seriously, so when Chelsea Lovitt’s You Had Your Cake, So Lie In It arrived at my door, I was more than a bit rocked back with her interplay of blues and country honk. Then her wry dark offbeat in your face sense of humor filtered in, sounding for all the world as if she’d grown up with Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde quietly playing in the background.

Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys are in a class all their own, belaying a sense of sophistication and grace as they trade guitar licks and honky tonk musical meanderings that will ride easy in your back pocket, then turn on a dime, shaking down the walls with a hard edged blend of blistering country rock chords that will splinter the floorboards, shake the dust out of your weathered jeans and slap a mile wide smile across your face as you dance hat in hand to that big ol’ smiling orange moon … go on, just listen to “If Stupid People Could Fly” and tell me I’m wrong.
Chelsea’s a woman meeting music on her own terms, determined to take Nashville by storm, her sound fills up the margins of the page, compressing everything, she’s ragged glorious and heartfelt, as if she’s sending pack postcards from a lost desert highway where she’s compelled to deliver stories and tall tales like a desperado in the wind.
Limited to 325 copies: 10 Test Presses, 25 Wax Mage Vinyl Variant, 150 Gold Vinyl with Black Swirls and 150 Black Vinyl copies.
– Jenell Kesler
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