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From The Vault: Forever Amber - “The Love Cycle” (1969)

If ever there was a place on the map where I could put down a finger, and say, “This is the place where Lo-Fi began ...,” it would be here, with Love Cycle. Bands like Real Estate, Teenage Fan Club, Beach House, and even the wonderfully lush Citay owe all they are to this imaginative group who took their name from the steamy pulp novel by Kathleen Winsor.

The Countdown 5 interview

The “5” consisted of 5 distinct individuals that melted into a musical powerhouse. Mack Hayes was the lead singer with a wide and versatile vocal range, comfortable with fronting the band. John Balzer was, hands down, one of the most talented, versatile, and innovative guitar players around as well as a fine singer in his own right. Tommy Murphy was a premier bass player and backup singer. His skill on the bass guitar provided the floor and the punch to all the music. Fan favorite Tommy Williams, affectionately known as “Willie” was king of the beat. His skill on the drums combined with Murphy on the bass resulted in a rock solid rhythm section that was the envy of many bands of the time. Steve Long played sax and keys and was a singer also. Steve was the most uninhibited performer of the group. When he took over the mic for a lead vocal, he energized the crowd with moves that would make Mick Jagger jealous! The “5”, while serious about their music, was a showy, entertaining rock & roll band that cut up with the crowds, did a lot of choreography, and was dedicated to putting on a good show. There was always a lot of movement to go with the music, and extras like left handed guitar whiz Balzer playing the guitar behind his back and with his teeth, and Williams jumping up and down on his drum kit during “Shout”! A typical set list would include tunes like “Shout”, “Ooo Poh Pah Doo”, “Midnight Hour”, “Mustang Sally”, “Louie Louie”, “Satisfaction”, some Beatle tunes, “Purple Haze”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, “When a Man Loves a Woman”, “Wild Thing”, “Wolly Bully”, “My Girl, and some Paul Revere tunes.

Last Chance - “Claiming the Sky” (2018) review

Last Chance - Claiming the Sky (2018)

Just in time for summer Last Chance stopped by to personally deliver a copy of their fresh and intoxicating new album Claiming The Sky, a more than worthy followup to their last outings We Came To Play and Endless Flight.

Ayahuasca Dark Trip - “Upaya” album premiere

Uncompromising and fearless in its approach, Ayahuasca Dark Trip creates hypnotic music that combines doom metal, acid psychedelia and ritual drone into an intense and explosive trip.


“Music is a reassuring character”

Brussels based self-declared bedroom pop duo Capelo make their vinyl debut with Baby Boom.

Disaster Relief - “Disaster Relief” (2018) review

Disaster Relief - Disaster Relief (Ravine Records, 2018) review

If ever there were a genre to help humanity pry off this rancid, all-consuming layer of disaster and gloom from our lives, it would be funk. And well, jazz-funk is the next closest thing—with a sprinkling of brooding patience and sophistication. Disaster Relief, a jazz band from Ann Arbor, Michigan just recently debuted their self titled album, and it’s got all the best ingredients for a thrilling, upbeat listen.

An Interview with Jaime Hernandez

Comics auteur Jaime Hernandez, co-creator--along with his equally talented brothers Gilbert Hernandez and Mario Hernandez-- of the groundbreaking Love and Rockets.

Love and Rockets co-creator on Oxnard’s ‘80s punk scene, 
the artists who inspired him, and the enduring relationship 
between his “Locas” Maggie and Hopey

Daniel Katinsky

“To hang on those silly ideas and go and explore them”

Daniel Katinsky is an electronic composer from Glasgow. The most fascinating thing about Digital Concrete, his debut tape, is that he made something very coherent out of what seems like chaos.

Forest Ray - “Laughing” album premiere

Forest Ray experiments in the analog and psychedelic, combining guitar driven psychedelic rock with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, garage rock, americana and eastern art music. The group’s uninhibited performances and analog recording process have harbored darker, older and more intimate recordings. The songs regularly feature flute and vibraphone which have become staples of the group’s brand of psych. Originally started in San Luis Obispo, CA as a two man recording project the group has now evolved into a touring lineup currently based in Seattle. Their first record, Musical Witchcraft, was released October 28th, 2016 on 180g vinyl

Brandon Tinkler - “Sunflower” premiere

Premiere of Brandon Tinkler’s second single “Sunflower”. This psychedelic summer fun song brings the fuzzed out guitars, luscious vocals, and droning mellotron coming through your speakers.  It will transport you to a 1966 car ride along the California coast! And with his upcoming album Open Up Your Eyes, this collection of songs exhibit a modern day 60’s psych pop feel. 

Heart Of Snake - “II” premiere

Golden shine, desert trail, satan’s whiskers, palomino charm, western Piemonte. Maple Death heads back to the Po river for the enchanted ragged vibration of Torino’s duo Heart Of Snake.

Asimov interview with Carlos Ferreira

Asimov is a heavy psych band from Lisbon, Portugal. They are spreading their own kind of psychedelic rock since 2011. They released two hypnotic, motoric beat driving albums that at times sound similar to kings of oblivion like Can, Amon Düül II and also Hawkwind. Recently their approach dramatically changed and the collective is now called Asimov and The Hidden Circus. Now there’s two guitarists and also a cello player producing astonishing cumulative sound.

Good Field - “Surface Tension” (2018) review

Good Field - Surface Tension (Self-released, 2018)

Good Field is an indie rock group from Austin, Texas. They’ve got a lot of distortion and a lot of charisma. Picture a peppier Thom Yorke—a phenomenon I would have previously deemed impossible. But, hey, looks like one band has managed to pull it off. Earlier this year the four-member outfit put out their third release, Surface Tension. It’s an LP that sways between finger-bleeding guitar and off-kilter Coldplay-esque atmospheres.

Daniel Daniel’s Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

It was during my interview with Daniel Daniel this month (June of 2018) that I discovered both his love of cooking and our mutual affection for Anthony Bourdain (the Chef), with my husband having known Tony for many years. To that end, it was our hope that we might be able to bring Anthony and Daniel together for a bit of cooking and music in our home, perhaps film the evening, getting lost in what we all do best.

But alas, that was not to be, and never will be, as our hearts were broken at the most tragic loss of this enchanting man, with the planet becoming a little less rich without Tony strolling the side streets and back alleys in his tan desert boots. To that end, affected so deeply by an event that felt like a dream we just couldn’t wake from, Daniel did the only thing he could do, sat down in the wee hours of the morning and penned a gracious countryfied bluesy hypnotic number in tribute to Anthony Bourdain … all in the hopes of keeping his spirit and life alive.

This song is one of Daniel Daniel’s finest musical moments, as the notes lyrics and emotions are from the heart, with the larger picture being “embrace life, treasure your friends, recognize each moment for what it is, all while keeping the memory of those you’ve lost along the away alive with the beauty of their memories.”

- Jenell Kesler

Arthur King Presents Danny Frankel, Victoria Williams, Doug Wieselman - “Roofrack For Ralph” premiere

Roofrack For Ralph finds three expert musicians and long time friends, each with their own distinctly varied and impressive catalogs joining together to push boundaries and forge musician kinship that defies genre and tradition

Third Man Records interview with Ben Blackwell

Third Man Records was launched by Jack White in Detroit, MI in 2001, and in 2009 opened its current Nashville, TN location, which houses a record store, novelties lounge (featuring the Third Man Record Booth), label offices and distribution center, photo studio, and the world’s only live venue with direct-to-acetate recording capabilities. Third Man is an innovator in the world of vinyl records and a boundary pusher in the world of recorded music, aiming to bring tangibility and spontaneity back into the record business and issue releases that leave no doubt in the minds of listeners that music is indeed sacred.

Buddy Guy - “The Blues Is Alive and Well” (2018) review

Buddy Guy - The Blues Is Alive and Well (2018)

On The Blues Is Alive And Well Buddy Guy delivers a rather extensive collection of material, one containing fifteen tracks and clocking in at nearly sixty-five minutes of groove laden music.

Gene Clark - “Sings for You” (2018) review

Gene Clark - Sings for You (Omnivore Recordings, 2018)

To say that Gene Clark is an enigma would be an understatement, a powerful but hidden member of The Byrds, and after the Byrds crashed and burned, Clark’s solo career was sporadic at best.

Luna - “Lunafied” (2018) review

Luna - Lunafied (Run Out Groove Records, 2018)

First Time On Vinyl & First Public Release of Lunafied ...

Originally released as a download only, along with but a half dozen watermarked compact disc hard copies in 2006 from Rhino Music, the album Lunafied has finally seen the light of day, pressed to a double disc gatefold on 180g coloured vinyl.

HEKLA - “Boulevards” premiere

HEKLA - Gloomy psychedelic Doom Pop from Berlin

Led by the two dreamy vocals of the Swedish cousins Elsa and Teresa, the quartet from Berlin spans the arc from psychedelic rock with distorted guitars and flat organ riffs to melancholic avant-garde folk with intricate piano passages and hypnotic rhythms.

The Index interview

Index was a psych rock group from the Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Their debut The Black Album was released in December of 1967. This extremely rare album was limited to around 150 copies. Later they released The Red Album, which is also very rare. Their unique sound is what makes them so special. They gained a cult status among psych-garage collectors. Here’s an interview with guitarist John B. Ford and drummer Jim Valice.

Interview with Nate Hall of U.S. Christmas

Nate Hall, a mastermind behind U.S. Christmas - dark space rock collective from North Carolina. Nate has also a wonderful solo acoustic discography. 

Dave Bixby - “Ode To Quetzalcoatl” (1969) review

Dave Bixby - Ode To Quetzalcoatl (Self-released, 1969/ Reissue on Guerssen, 2018)

Originally championed in The Acid Archives, our late friend Patrick Lundborg’s essential bible of privately pressed, underground sounds of weird, Christian, avant garde, garage rock insanity (“one of the ultimate incarnations of tormented religious loner-downer folk”), Ode To Quetzalcoatl could be the result of some weird acid flashback or conversations with the risen Christ – you decide. Bixby’s just paying tribute to the spirituality that he experienced that helped him disavow drugs and produce the beautiful, peaceful music contained inside his debut album, originally recorded in a friend’s living room across three nights and self-released in 1969. Originally part of the mid-‘60s Grand Rapids (Michigan) garage and folk scene (Shillelaghs, Peter & The Prophets), Bixby struggled with LSD and other drugs du jour, before seeking a way out and finding solace in conversations with Christ-like entities. This album is his epiphany, a way, according to the excellent liner notes “to transform the instant and ineffable communications he received into something personal he could explore”.

The Laissez Fairs - “Empire Of Mars” (2018) review

The Laissez Fairs “Empire Of Mars” (RUM BAR Records, 2018)

The third album by Las Vegas psychedelic mod rockers The Laissez Fairs is truly a band effort, with vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer John Fallon and vocalist/12-string guitarist/keyboardist Joe Lawless contributing five tracks each to “Empire Of Mars.” Appearing on RUM BAR Records this CD release was, like its predecessor, recorded at Lawless Noise And Visions in Las Vegas, but this time produced by the band themselves.

From The Vault: Ancient Grease - “Women and Children First” (1970)

Hailing from South Wales, Ancient Grease made its way in the club circuit, making a good reputation for themselves playing covers under the name “Dust” in the late ‘60s. Shortly after having signed a deal with Mercury, they released this album, which received virtually no promotion from the label, leading the band breaking up. So, as they say, a typical early ‘70s one and done band. 

Humble Pie - “Official Bootleg Box Set 2” (2018) review

Humble Pie - Official Bootleg Box Set 2 (HNE Recordings, 2018)

Following up on 2017’s “Official Bootleg Box Set 1” drummer Jerry Shirley has compiled a five CD box set of live recordings by Humble Pie, featuring performances from 1971 through 1981. The collection begins with one of the first gigs to feature guitarist Clem Clempson and ends with a soundboard tap of the band recorded just a couple of months before the band broke up for the second time in July, 1981.

Strange Culprits - “Strange Culprits” (2018) review

Strange Culprits - Strange Culprits (Self-released, 2018)

Does heartland rock still have a home in 2018? Apparently so. The Bay Area trio, Strange Culprits, just debuted their self-titled album. It’s 8 tracks worth of saturated distortion, bluesy male vocals, and bare-bones song structures. But what the group lacks in songwriting, they make up for with well-produced rock n’ roll. So grab that red solo cup and start swaying.

Byl Zamechen interview with Khleb

Byl Zamechen are an underground trio from Ukraine. They are clearly influenced by Gong, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Amon Düül II, Hawkwind and many other freak-out projects from the past. It was a great pleasure discovering their album стало ещё только хуже (It Just Get Worse) (Robustfellow, 2016). It’s difficult to describe their sound. Strange psychedelia with dark undertone is the blueprint of Byl Zamechen. Here’s an interview with Khleb of Byl Zamechen.

DOMADORA - “Lacuna Jam” premiere

France’s premium psychedelic jammers DOMADORA return with their long-awaited third full-length Lacuna this June 29th.

Bunny & The Invalid Singers - “Fear of The Horizon” (2018) review

Bunny & The Invalid Singers - Fear of The Horizon (Bearsuit, 2018)

An old favourite ‘round these parts, the mysterious “Bunny” has spent time in numerous projects (Idiot Half Brother, Whizz Kid, AWSTS) and has been variously backed by The Electric Horsemen and, once again, The Invalid Singers, although rumour has it the latter may be clever pseudonyms for the solo work of an enigmatic Scot from Edinburgh! Newcomers may be put off by the glitchy trappings swarming around his dreamy, meandering explorations into proggy waters (“Hol’ on, guv’ner, is my record scratched already?”), but they’ll soon become second nature and dissolve into the background the deeper you get in to the album. Opener ‘Eamon The Destroyer’ tosses kitchen sink arrangements of De Wolfe library music, metallic K.O. guitar scrapings, and skronky keyboards into a bubbling cauldron of influences that’ll leave heads scratched and lips smiling amidst sundry chin-stroking.

From The Vault: Moby Grape - “Moby Grape” (1967)

San Francisco, 1966, the Summer Of Love ... it was all of that, much more and much less. When one thinks of the music scene that flourished during that year, one usually thinks of that the artists were from the Haight Ashbury District, when in fact, most of them, nearly all who became legends, transplanted themselves to The Haight, as it was the new youth and cultural center of the universe. Groups like The Grateful Dead, Steve Miller, Big Brother and The Holding Company, Santana, Canned Heat, and others quickly established themselves and rose to the surface as spokesmen for their generation ... but truth be told, for every Jefferson Airplane or Grateful Dead, there were dozens of great bands that made little more then a ripple, like H.P. Lovecraft, Ace Of Cups and the all but forgotten Moby Grape.

Spirit interview with Mark Andes

Heart, Spirit, Firefall, Canned Heat, Stevie Nicks, Dan Fogelberg, Whitesnake, Jo Jo Gunne, Chris Hillman, Kim Carnes, John Fahey, Iain Matthews, Kelly Willis, Jim Lauderdale, Eliza Gilkyson, and Joe Walsh. . . all have relied on the brilliant musicianship of Mark Andes to punctuate their songs and elevate their musical visions to chart-topping status. He has been the rock solid support on bass guitar, songwriting and vocals for all of the above... and more.

Garm - “I” premiere

From the tweaked out wasteland of Southern California comes the schizo-tonal-musings of two sub-dimensional-fuzz-beings, Lord Salamander and Garm. Early in their embryonic development, their unnatural rhythms should be barely audible, yet, screeching through greasy layers of malignant flesh comes the stabbing flow of sonic energy. Lord Salamander rends your ego in two with its eclectic grooves while Garm drives on ceaselessly - like a dryer with a brick thrown in it till it tears itself apart. This release was recorded in Colorado and smashed onto one highly unstable slab of wax that is definitely not FDA approved.

Out on June 23 at Clydefest - pre-order your vinyl now!

Banshee interview

Psychedelic punk in its best possible shape. Here are the Banshee!

Ghostly Beard - “Inward” (2018) review

Ghostly Beard - Inward (Self-released, 2018)

Patrick Talbot, the elusive talent behind the Canadian artist Ghostly Beard, has spent the last five years releasing a variety of what he calls “emotive prog-pop.” Hopping between different palettes of sound without fear, the artist says he takes comfort in the anonymity of his musical pseudonym. Almost as a form of peaceful protest in the face of the modern world’s predominately individualistic culture, he seeks to divorce any ego from the creative process. Inward, his latest LP, surveys singer/songwriter pop, blues rock, and psychedelic folk.

Wulijimuren - “Sun of UTC+8” (2018) review

Wulijimuren - Sun of UTC+8 (Self-released, 2018) review

The NYC-based prog rock artist Wulijimuren has debuted Sun of UTC+8, a prog rock album that treats the electric guitar like a storybook. Spanning 12 tracks, it’s a testament to his love of the instrument and its vastly eclectic capabilities. Drawing on melodic tropes heard in everything from Metallica to John Mayer to Michael Jackson, it appears to subvert and decontextualize the electric guitar. And rightly so. Originally from Mongolia, Wulijimuren seeks to reinvent our cultural associations. Or, at the very least, challenge them.

You Said Strange - “Salvation Prayer” album premiere

You Said Strange come from the north-western region of Normandy in France, although if it was up to them they’d come from the States, somewhere between Texas and Cali. They’ve been growing their own Norman-spiced definition of psychedelia for a few years now, making their way on a historically busy road. Having just signed to Fuzz Club, You Said Strange are gearing up for the release of their debut full length, ‘Salvation Prayer’, out June 8th.

Bang - “Best Of Bang” (2018) review

Bang - Best Of Bang (Ripple Music, 2018)

It’s rare that a band will grab me by my throat, and insist that I listen to it. However, that exact thing happened this past April, and it is a group, a trio actually, that made the bulk of their music in the early 70’s; that groups name is Bang, and they are a phenomenal musical act!! Ripple Music recently released The Best of Bang, and I am a Ripple Music fanatic, so obviously I asked Todd Severin, who owns and runs Ripple, to send me a digital copy. 

Krankshaft - “III Mysteries” (2017) review

Krankshaft - III Mysteries (Stereo Records, 2017)

Steve Pond – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Alex Tsentides – bass, vocals
Kevin Walker – drums, vocals
Visuals by Dr. Foxon

Originally known as The Maximum Effect, Krankshaft began in 1985 as a trio featuring guitarist Steve Pond, bassist Phillip Reeves (aka Dead Fred), and drummer Mick Stupp, all three of whom were former members of space punk band Inner City Unit with saxophonist Nik Turner. After they recorded their high energy 7-inch single “Espana/The Wrecker”, Pond and Reeves were asked by the late lyricist/poet and Hawkwind vocalist Robert Calvert to be his backing band. Calvert briefly called them Krankshaft for a live performance and recording at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1986, then they changed their name back to The Maximum Effect for subsequent performances. Soon thereafter, Pond and Reeves parted ways with Calvert who died of a heart attack in 1988.

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #27 (June)

A brand new podcast hosted by Ross Beattie (The Night Tripper)

Psychedelic Horseshit - New Wave Hippies
Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser
The Darkside - Guitar Voodoo 
Edgar Broughton Band - Psychopath 
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Silent Stream
The Bevis Frond - High In A Flat
Man - Codine
Gnod - The Mirror
The Dead C - South
Relatively Clean Rivers - A Thousand Years
Ty Segall & White Fence - Good Boy
Senyawa - Bala
Daevid Allen - The Voice Of OM
Daniel Higgs - Hoofprints On The Ceiling Of Your Mind

Humble Pie - “Back On Track” / “Live In Cleveland” (2018) review

Humble Pie - “Back On Track” / “Live In Cleveland” (HNE Recordings, 2018)

Known best as the group that brought together members of Small Faces (Steve Mariott), Spooky Tooth (Greg Ridley) and The Herd (Peter Frampton), Humble Pie formed in 1968, with Marriott and Frampton on guitars and vocals, Ridley on bass and vocals and drummer Jerry Shirley. The original band ran until 1975, with Clem Clempson of Colosseum replacing Frampton in 1971, releasing three top 40 UK LPs, one with Frampton, two with Clempson, and one top 5 UK single, their debut, the Marriott penned “Natural Born Bugie.” The band was a constant live force, and enjoyed one Top 10 and two Top 20 US albums with Clempson, as well as the legendary double LP live set “Performance Rockin’ The Fillmore” recorded with Frampton, although none of their singles charted in the US.

Admlithi - “Bats In Your Head” premiere

Armellodie Records is proud to present he debut album from Admlithi, a mystery man cutting around the Northern shores of Scotland. Having abandoned making music many years ago, it came both as a surprise and by accident that Tyrantsbegan to take shape.

Daniel Daniel interview

The Lonesome Hollow comes across like the soundtrack to some pulp novel drama, and why shouldn’t it, the songs sound as if they’ve fallen from the sky, with many of the numbers coming to life as if they’ve been lifted from some half forgotten yellowed newspaper that’s been sitting on the counter in an off the beaten path diner for longer than anyone can remember.

Wooden Shjips - “V.” (2018) review

Wooden Shjips - V. (Thrill Jockey, 2018)

Couch-bound intoxication ...
With the star filled nights of summer just around the corner, like satellites drifting effortlessly across the velvet sky, Wooden Shjips have drifted in with their most sustained luscious and intoxicating album V..

Crooked Flower - “Darkness and Light” (2018) review

Crooked FlowerDarkness and Light (Self-released, 2018)

The Bay Area outfit Crooked Flower has got the psychedelic rock formula down pat. Their recently released EP, Darkness and Light, is a guilty pleasure for any fans of wobbly bass, spacey reverb, and a lead guitar that seems to trudge through a river of glistening mud. The four-member band has the songwriting prowess of Spirit and the angst-drenched dynamism of The Breeders.