Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – “Balance” (2016) review

March 14, 2017

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – “Balance” (2016) review

The Emancipation of Lushness …
With a convergence of differing musical styles Lorean Quintanill and Alberto Gonzalez have engaged in a soundscape of sorts that is not only suitable for a more cosmopolitan flavor, but for an expression that reflects those same values, with lyrics that shimmer, delivered in both English and Spanish.

Offering lyrics in this manner means that the music is delivered and filled with a slight disconnect, yet manages to elegantly simmer with a compelling bit of groove laden psychedelic intoxication. Even with its minimalist nature, this is one of those outings that makes demands on your attention, refusing to let you drift off, or even engage in some other activity other than shuffling along though the twilight as Balance unfolds, distilling creative images that are filled with emotional imagination that often nearly take on physical strength.
This is not your expected psychedelia, though with its hushed trance inducing attitude, every song manages to break into the great wide open, layered with what seems to be an infinite array of softer tones that have been laid up against mild dreamy distortion that doesn’t so much soar into the darkness of the galaxy, but carries the listener a mere six feet off the ground … sometimes rushing at headlong speeds, while at others, merely drifting, allowing one to hover at times, ever aware of things that far too often go unnoticed and unconsidered.
Oddly enough there is also the rhythm of the tracks, the rails, of a train cutting a new path across the country side, across cities and dancing down darkened avenues with adventurous heat soaked riffs that are completely compelling. Balance is truly something different with its stoner warmth, enchanting harmonies, ambience, fading, mysterious guitar reverb, and a dynamic tension laced tightly together with and undercurrent of swirling droning contrast that often comes across as correspondence from a place you’ve never been, or a pill that you’ve never taken, and must now find the source of all this luscious beauty.

– Jenell Kesler
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