EAR Yoshino sponsoring It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

October 9, 2015

EAR Yoshino sponsoring It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

We are really proud and excited, that EAR (Esoteric Audio Research Ltd) is sponsoring us with their hi-end products. We are using their incredible phonostage – EAR 834P (deluxe edition) with two knobs. Deluxe edition has in-built volume control, allowing direct connection to a power-amplifier. What this really represent is an option to completely dispense with a conventional preamplifier that sends the phono signal through aux stage on the way to the amplifier. As explained in audiophilia, the consequences of this reduction in the number of components in the signal path should be obvious. Greater fidelity to the signal encoded in the vinyl groove is undeniable.
EAR 834P is ultra-compact high performing valve phonostage. Its
simple and versatile design allows for easy setup with stunning performance.
Moving Magnet capable as standard with Moving coil step-up optional. 
Hand Made in England
ProductionAll products are assembled at our production facility in Cambridgeshire, England which enables us to have full control over production quality. Production engineers are highly familiar with the products with the average experience exceeding 10 years with EAR Yoshino. Each product is built from start to finish by a single engineer, fabricating a personal touch to the product that is closer to reassembling craftsmanship than the anonymous mass produced objects we have all become too familiar with. EAR’s high-end products are built from the finest materials and supplies possible. We strive to source parts locally as it enables us to partner closely with suppliers and have tight control on quality, all while reducing our transportation impact.
Studio Influence
Recording each sound – Our belief is that recording sound is as important as its reproduction. Working closely with music production that includes the Exchange (London) and Mobile Fidelity (San Francisco), gives us a deep understanding of the sounds that are needed to be recreated. Reciprocity, with these studios, we aim to help extract the maximum possible from their setup that gives some of the luscious sounds you have probably already experienced from their work. 

Acknowledging our work with music production, all of our equipment has been designed for the highest demands of this environment that include high-end audio quality but also robust reliability. 

In Action – Some of musical talent that use our equipment include Pink Floyd, Ringo Star, Kate Bush, Gary Barlow and Bob Ludwig.

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