The Chemistry Set – Elapsed Memories (2014) review

October 26, 2014

The Chemistry Set – Elapsed Memories (2014) review

The Chemistry Set “Elapsed Memories” (Fruits de Mer Records, 2014)
first thing that stands out about this new three-track EP from living legend
neo-psychedelicists The Chemistry set is that two of its songs are originals;
this being a little unusual for a release from Fruits de Mer, who are known for
issuing contemporary covers of nuggets from eras gone by. The third track is a
cover of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Love or Confusion.” The second notable
thing about the EP is the music. Majestic stuff. The middle song “A Cure for
the Afflicted” has its charms, most notably some pleasing hard guitar work, but
the real strength here is in the bookends. The title track somehow manages to
contain a power pop surge, some lush dreaminess, and an exploratory prog feel
all in its five-plus minutes; listening along can give you the sense that
you’re daydreaming while riding a bullet train through the stratosphere. Their
reading of the classic from Are You Experienced is the most gentle offering on
the set, but similar to “Elapsed Memories” it is fueled by a driving force even
while being pastoral. All told, here’s about a quarter of an hour’s worth of
sounds that do what every EP should accomplish: make you want to hear more.
Review made by Brian Greene/2014
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  1. Anonymous

    A stunningly beautiful song from a great group.

  2. Anonymous

    so good i said it 3 times, whoops sorry!

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