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Elika - Moving Forward c/w Bury 7” (2013) review

Elika “Moving Forward” c/w “Bury” 7” (Saint Marie, 2013)

This is the first of three singles Elika will be releasing over the next year uner the umbrella title “Girls, Be Serious”. The electronic beats of “Moving Faster” pull the listener into Evagilia Maravelias’ yearning vocals and pleading lyrics. There’s a faint Stevie Nicks lilt to her delivery which wraps the listener in a double-tracked cocoon of warmth and emotional hope that this time, love is for real.

The flip, “Bury” has a gospel vibe that reaches out beyond Beach Boys harmonies and driving backbeats for another emotional plea for love and encouragement (“Tell me you’re gonna miss me”) which, overall, is even better than the A-side. You sure don’t have to ask me twice. I miss you already and can’t wait for the next installment.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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