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The Burnt Ones - You'll Never Walk Alone (2013) review

The Burnt Ones You'll Never Walk Alone (Burger Records, 2013) 

A big wave of new age alternative rock`n rollers in the world is on the way for almost a decade. Many new bands, bunch of singles and so many of self-released LPs with big hopes of gaining success… Well, The Burnt Ones are surely the part of the wave with big chances to get heard worldwide. Their second LP “You`ll never walk alone” is colored by melancholy and loneliness. Well as many bands in this genre, they have the same illness – too much overproduction (you know, it doesn`t always need to sound so fuzzy, alternatively and trippy in order to be psychedelic or just unique)... Although songs like “Fountain of youth”, “I Care – I don`t care” and advising poem “Move on” surely have a lot of potential to leave their mark in the future. “Freak in the Fog” also has that “60s body” and great psychedelic melody. This LP brings fresh air to garage rock scene, not by its revolutionary production or sounding, as with the songs themselves.

Review made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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