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Dead Ghosts - Can't Get No (2013) review

Dead Ghosts - "Can't Get No" (Burger Records, 2013)

Vancouver's Dead Ghosts are the musicians playing in old surf/rockabilly/psychedelic manner. Their sound is the mix of 60s classic rock sounding of The Animals and The Byrds, also as 60s psychedelic  rock like Electric Prunes and even some Dylan`s electric era. Great guitar riffs echo through the whole album, colored with The Shadows atmosphere. The interesting stuff about this album is that it was recorded on cheap Tascam 388 8-track purchased on Craigslist and carried all over their hometown to corners, bars, kitchens…  OK, and now the songs. Album opens with rockabilly album titled tune “Can`t get no” followed by great “That old feeling”. “Summer with Phil” sounds like some soundtrack to Easy Rider, where Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper jump into water with the girls, totally naked and stoned. Further on, album has some really nice moments like fantastic “Roky Said” and “B.A.D.”. Album`s main break is the psychedelic instrumental “Tea Swamp Rumble” that is being followed by ending tunes “Hanging (in the alley)” and doo-wop closing “I Sleep Alone”. Vocals through the whole album sound so rough and fuzzy that sometimes lyrics are hardly recognizable, but that`s not a big minus. Band evidentially wanted to sound mono retro, like the songs from radio stations listened on old cheap radios from the 50s and 60s. Great psychedelic album cover is very thought out. So, how to conclude this album review? Well, imagine yourself sitting in `59 Chevy, chillin` out and smoking good cigar, while good looking noir chick drives you from Chicago to Las Vegas, while wind`s blowing her long blond hair… Well Dead Ghosts are surely on the radio through the whole drive. Hold on folks, `cause the 60s are back!

Review made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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