Anglo Bobby Weed …

May 9, 2011

Anglo Bobby Weed …


It’s time credit was given … of course the weed business is huge, and there are thousands of growers who’s greenery is the stuff of legend, but circling those legends is the little known Anglo Bobby Weed. Bobby’s low keyed, I’ve heard that he lives somewhere on the outskirts of Philadelphia, he’s been flying under the radar for all but those who have the most to lose, and has had his hand in the business of weed for nearly 40 years. He’s never been featured in High Times, Rolling Stone never interviewed him back in the 60’s, nor have any of the other rags devoted to the wonders of high quality, high potency, and demanding taste; yet he’s been out there on the front lines, saving the un-savable, and smiling through a blue haze for all these years.

Anglo Bobby Weed’s number is on the speed dial of all the major growers. In any given month the man will be flying first class to Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Paris, South America, Thailand, and to nearly every city in the U.S and Canada. He’s one of the most unassuming characters you’ll ever meet, he got a degree in Literature from Goddard, and then just stepped off the map. While others have spent a lifetime studying, crossbreeding, and selecting stands of marijuana, it’s Bobby Weed they call when they have issues. Not so much issues with their weed, but with their grow-houses. That’s right! Anglo Bobby Weed is the master of grow houses, he can set up a magnificent house overnight, he understands the nature of the grow-house, it’s needs, construction, and operation. Believe it or not, the simplest event can cascade a topflight grow-house in a matter of hours, and with millions of dollars on the table, it’s Bobby Weed they call when all else they’ve tried falls to the floor like so much grass from a loosely rolled joint.

The growers have a reason to keep Bobby’s name, and more, his hand, at arms length … after all, in the business of weed, at this stage of the game, there are a lot of folks out there acting like rock stars. And I’m not saying they don’t have a right to, but if the hand of Bobby Weed were known, perhaps they wouldn’t be getting all the credit, and swimming in the big pool. Now, as far as I can tell, Bobby just doesn’t care about the glory, and while he’s not in the same league as Stanley Owsley, he certainly took a cue from the man, and is happy to be living more than comfortably in suburbia, smoking the best this planet has to offer, quick with a laugh, and will convincingly wave off any connection with a wry smile, and deep exhale. The hunt for Bobby Weed is on … while it may seem strange to want to unmask this underground legend, even if the interview needs to be done masked, Bobby Weed’s story needs to be told. Anglo Bobby Weed has a fingerprint at the line of demarcation, Bobby Weed changed the game, yet is less than taken for granted … the man is virtually unknown, and that just amazes me.

So raise your collective bowls around the world, “Bobby, this toke’s for you.

– Jenell Kesler

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