‘Little Foot’ by Scrimmage | New EP, ‘Velour’

Uncategorized May 13, 2024

‘Little Foot’ by Scrimmage | New EP, ‘Velour’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Little Foot’ by Scrimmage, taken from their upcoming EP, ‘Velour,’ set to release later this year.

Evoking a sense of midnight melancholy, ‘Little Foot’ by Scrimmage portrays the longing for solace and connection that often accompanies sleepless nights. Fresh off the success of their debut EP, ‘Superego,’ the band eagerly unveils the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore release, ‘Velour.’

‘Little Foot’ encapsulates the dichotomy of uplifting synths against darker lyrical themes, reflecting the complex interplay of hope and anxiety experienced during bouts of insomnia. Amidst the chaos of an ever-stimulating reality, the song offers a glimmer of assurance to listeners seeking solace in solitude.

‘Velour,’ a six-track EP helmed by Connor Lewis on guitar, keys, and vocals, Carr Bonner on drums, percussion, and vocals, and David Carter on bass, explores introspective lyricism within a diverse sonic landscape. Recorded over four intensive days at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn under the guidance of engineer John Miller, the EP delves into the thematic core of “plush indifference.” This motif weaves through the EP’s lyrical tapestry, inviting listeners into a contemplative space where the tumultuous pace of change meets a serene embrace of apathy.

Reflecting on the band’s journey, the concept of ‘Velour’ symbolizes a quest for comfort amidst life’s constant flux. Just as the plush fabric offers softness and security, so too does the EP envelop listeners in a cocoon of sonic warmth and introspection. The accompanying artwork, inspired by this concept, invites viewers into a visual realm where tranquility and comfort reign supreme, echoing the EP’s ethos of finding solace amidst a shifting world.

Headline photo: James Magee

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