‘Soul Solitary’ by Li Jianhong | Album Premiere

Uncategorized February 29, 2024

‘Soul Solitary’ by Li Jianhong | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘Soul Solitary’ by Li Jianhong, out March 1, 2024 via Ramble Records (AU), WV Sorcerer Productions (FR/CN), and Echodelick Records (US).

Li Jianhong, a prominent figure in the Chinese experimental music scene since the late 1990s, remains deeply rooted in his hometown, Fenghua, located in Zhejiang province, China. Immersed in the woods, surrounded by humidity, rivulets, and abandoned temples, his soul finds solace. ‘Soul Solitary’ represents his latest exploration within the realm of free improvisation and noise guitar feedback. The album showcases two live recordings from 2018–2019, captured in France and China, offering a more aggressive and dynamic arrangement. It invites listeners to journey into the obscure and melancholic landscapes of the soul, veiled by perpetual rain and clouds.

“I love live recordings, even though they may not be perfect in quality and there are always some mistakes and regrets. But in them I find there are some hidden emotions that don’t come out easily in everyday life – I’m not a person who is good at expressing my feelings. But they can be revealed in my live performances, especially in my solo recordings. These deeply hidden things come out in the live environment and performances, sometimes like a glow, sometimes rushing out one after another. Fuzzy, uncatchable, yet sensitive. Sometimes they are honest and open in the scene; sometimes they are overcautious and hesitating, just like me in my everyday life. But they are still very unfamiliar to me, with some strange attractions. They seem to have a will of their own in the scene, through layers and layers of fragmented, organized or unorganized sounds, forming at a certain moment a light and dark object – another “I” that is different from the one in everyday life. And this “I” is a soul solitary.” – Li Jianhong

This album marks Li Jianhong’s first vinyl release since his 2009 album, ‘Lovers With Cloisonné Bracelet,’ coinciding with his P.S.F. album ‘Classic of the Mountains and Seas’.

A collaborative effort between Ramble Records (AU), WV Sorcerer Productions (FR/CN), and Echodelick Records (US), the album boasts the stunning artwork of Du Kun.

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