‘Musique Cryptique (Live in Liège)’ by ZAÄAR | Album Premiere

Uncategorized February 29, 2024

‘Musique Cryptique (Live in Liège)’ by ZAÄAR | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘Musique Cryptique (Live in Liège)’ by ZAÄAR, out March 1, 2024 via WV Sorcerer Productions.

ZAÄAR, the tribal spiritual ensemble of free jazz, remains ceaselessly active. At the heart of their endeavor lies improvised music—a continuous act of creation in the present moment, ensuring perpetual evolution. This record encapsulates their transcendent catharsis during a live performance in 2022 at KulturA, Liège. The performance was an immersive experience, simultaneously intense and conducive to meditation amidst cosmic chaos. Departing from their usual roles, HP Desrosiers wielded the amplified santur in lieu of the bass, while Guillaume Cazalet showcased his alchemical mastery with the zurna, zither, and various wind instruments. Within the rhythms they crafted, one finds themselves both breathing and suffocating in the ashes, as the grotto transforms into the sky and darkness begets light.

The CD is presented in a 6-panel folded cover in 7″ format, accompanied by an obi strip.

In the surrealist jungle of Brussels, saxophonist JJ Duerinckx embarked on a quest for truth within improvised music. Drawing upon primal instincts, multi-instrumentalist Guillaume CZLT joined him in navigating the waters of suburban mangroves to encounter the electronic multiverse maestro, Didié Nietzche. Thus, Neptunian Maximalism convened in an ethno-industrial liturgy, birthing a dual-headed pulsating entity. Drummer Sébastien Schmit and bassist HP Desrosiers converged as one, united by an innate primal essence. Separated into two bodies by a potent psych-free jazz ritual, they exultantly cried, “ZAAAÄÄÄAAAR!”, affirming their presence in the here and now. Thus, the quintet was born.

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