‘Esplumeor’ by Zohastre | New Album, ‘Abracadabra’

Uncategorized February 23, 2024

‘Esplumeor’ by Zohastre | New Album, ‘Abracadabra’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Esplumeor’ by Zohastre, taken from the latest album, ‘Abracadabra,’ out via Zamzamrec and La République des Granges.

Zohastre are chuffed to share a new video clip following their album ‘Abracadabra,’ released on Zamzamrec & La République des Granges in June 2023. The videoclip is a videogame 3D animation made by the video artist Viktor Konwicki. ‘Esplumeor’ is a “TRADCORE PSYCH MAGIC MANIFESTO (( /\/ *”.

Zohastre, a French-Italian kraut experimental duo, combines intense percussion with enchanted electronics. Their music draws inspiration from science fiction, traditional folklore, and Arthurian legends, as they delve into themes like magic, time travel, and southern bagpipes. This unique musical ensemble creates a sound that can only be experienced in specific corners of the multiverse, found on exoplanets such as Gliese 581 d, KOI-1686.01, and Kepler 22-b – celestial bodies akin to Earth. Their music is a blend of traditional and futuristic folklore, featuring electronic and acoustic elements, resembling a hardcore punk tarantella. It celebrates a world where house windows would no longer be square but triangular, reflecting a distinctive architectural evolution.

Zohastre upcoming shows :
24.02.2024 Les Roches-l’Évêque, Zero Degre Est, FR
15.03.2024 Tours, No New Fest, Le Bateau Ivre, FR
07.03.2024 Lille, CCL, FR
09.03.2024 Bruxelles, c_c release party, ZK, BL

Headline photo: Julien Bettoli

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Zamzamrec Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp / YouTube / SoundCloud
La République des Granges Official Website / Bandcamp / YouTube

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