‘Blue’ by R.Y.F. Featuring Moor Mother | New Album, ‘Deep Dark Blue’

Uncategorized February 2, 2024

‘Blue’ by R.Y.F. Featuring Moor Mother | New Album, ‘Deep Dark Blue’

R.Y.F. shares ‘Blue’ featuring Moor Mother, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Deep Dark Blue,’ out April 5 via Bronson Recordings.

‘Blue’ was written following a catamaran trip on the Stromboli Sea. Speaking on the single, R.Y.F. says : “The song revolves around the soothing stun in observing that intense blue, which called to me and sucked me in. I thought it was an appealing song to give to Moor Mother for a collaboration; I adore everything she does, and we became friends after playing together a couple of times. Her textual contribution is perfect and the result literally blew me away – every time I listen to it and hear her voice grafted onto the music, I can’t help but smile.”

The cliff-hanger theme of suffering poetically opens the circle in ‘Blue’. Groove with brassy beats, hip hop cadences and an ancestral, nocturnal mood. R.Y.F. sings “Blue is in my blood / Under my skin” while Moor Mother’s spoken word descends imperiously from above, as if it were that of a deity capable of instilling renewed vigor. “Electro-punk is always there but overall there is much more, indulging an extreme variety of atmospheres. My will to compose an abysmally blue album.”

The album is available for pre-order at the following link.

Headline photo: Simona Diacci Trinity

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