‘Average Boy’ by Nightbus | 7″ Single with ‘Exposed To Some Light’ B-Side

Uncategorized February 27, 2024

‘Average Boy’ by Nightbus | 7″ Single with ‘Exposed To Some Light’ B-Side

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Average Boy’ by Northern England trio Nightbus, out via So Young Records.

Originally hailing from varying parts of the north of England, set behind a backdrop of haze with their mid 20s approaching, Nightbus (Olive, Jake and Zac) found common ground in their mutual music taste. To make and write late-night music soon became the ethos of the band: soundtracking sleepless, frenzied nights out, the journey home and everything in between. Their atmospheric soundscapes beckon you into the mindset of a twenty-something, immersed in the damp, grey, vice soaked north west of England.

‘Average Boy,’ the newest release from the English trio, “resembles a lonely club night,” exhibiting the band’s venture into a more electronic realm with the help of producers Alex Greaves and Syd Minsky-Sargeant. It’s out today via all DSPs on So Young Records.


As the band writes on the track: “‘Average Boy’ is a narrative I’m sure many of us can relate to. The feeling of inadequacy, dysphoria, a longing for something that might never materialise. Those small moments that feel like destiny are reduced to bittersweet memories. We all search for something, we get caught in cycles, we lose our way, half the time we don’t even know what we’re looking for. Gender, perspective, culture , we are all in some way the average boy.”

‘Average Boy’ is out now on all DSPs. Physical 7″ Singles (with B-Side ‘Exposed To Some Light’) are available to pre-order here.

Headline photo: Ben McFall

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