‘Tangerina’ by TUTUPATU | New Album, ‘IV’

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‘Tangerina’ by TUTUPATU | New Album, ‘IV’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Tangerina’ by TUTUPATU, out February 13th, 2024 via Broken Clover Records.

The band’s desire to capture TUTUPATU’s essence led them to secure an underground location in Madrid, where they set up a private recording studio. They locked themselves for a 72-hour recording session. They aimed for unfiltered creativity: 32 tracks rolling at all times, doors locked, lights dimmed, and volume cranked. The result? A mesmerizing blend of motorik drums, throbbing basslines, howling guitars, wailing saxophones, ethereal synths, and a myriad of flutes and folk instruments intricately woven into their debut album, ‘IV’. Comprising five expansive tracks, this collection immerses the listener in an auditory journey, guiding through intricate inner landscapes, transcending conventional musical boundaries.

The album serves as a sonic memoir, encapsulating five distinct moments, blending krautrock, synth ambient, noise, and free jazz. Each track beckons the listener into dreamlike soundscapes, creating a truly immersive experience.

TUTUPATU, founded by Tomas Garrido, Matías Tangerina, and Olivares, fuses their diverse musical backgrounds in classical, jazz, rock, electronic, experimental noise, drones, and ethnic music. After more than a year of dedicated rehearsals, they’ve meticulously crafted a unique sound that invites exploration.

Their collective aim is to shape an auditory landscape that defies convention, drawing inspiration from trance-inducing repetition—a musical odyssey transcending genres, resonating with the eclectic blend of their individual influences. Through their explorations, they guide listeners on an introspective journey into uncharted realms.

“We really enjoy the vertigo-like feeling of not knowing what will happen”

Tell us about the creative process of your upcoming album?

We started improvising together from day one, and we found that we just clicked together, everything flowed very easily and freely and we knew we had something very unique. We’re very interested in free improvisation, and we’ve been experimenting a lot with it. We really enjoy the vertigo-like feeling of not knowing what will happen. It’s like walking a tightrope, only that we’re all 3 in the same rope, it’s dark, loud and someone decided to shake the rope just for fun. It’s a magical experience. Usually our best music comes from either raising a wall of unspeakable noise that we carve away into something meaningful, or from a respectful ritualistic silence, where the tiniest sound carries meaning and we amplify a delicate sound sculpture. We go at it until we find a balance, a sonic meditation where the sum is more than the individual parts, we know we’re onto something when it feels like the song plays itself and we’re only the tools allowing it to happen.

What was the overall vision with it and to what degree do you think you managed to do so?

We wanted to capture the music we were creating, while avoiding taking the life out of it with multiple takes or endless re-arrangements. So we decided that the only way to do it was to lock ourselves in our own studio for a 72-hour uninterrupted recording session. We connected everything, dimmed the lights and started recording. Three days later we came out with a feeling of completion, and the best bits were already earmarked. The 5 cuts that made it to the vinyl represent different trips, different moods and destinations. The goal of this album is to kidnap the listener and travel with them elsewhere, a trip within.

Are you planning to go on tour?

Yes, our most enigmatic member (Tangerina) is currently off the grid, on a spiritual retreat somewhere in Asia. But the plan upon his return is to tour through Europe to showcase the album. We’ll go as far as we can, hopefully visiting the US at some point.

Tell us about your effects, pedals, et cetera.

The short answer is that for this album we surrounded ourselves with our favourite tools, ensured everything was readily available for anyone to use at any given moment, embraced bleed and a sense of freedom and immediacy. The geek-long answer is that we love these tools, love the 2nd hand market and we frequently tinker with things… at any given moment in the album you could be hearing drums (C&C), bass (60’s Italian Eko), guitar (80’s Fernandez), synths, Rhodes and sax passed through dirt pedals, delays and filters such as DS-2, Rats, Moog drive, Muffs, Deep Charge, Lil Fella, Theremin fuzz, Warp zone, DD3, Binson Echorec, Sherman Filterbank, Enjoy Reminder, Moog Murf… we also love the tone of the CR-78, the 90’s Electribe, the Microfreak, Nord rack, old Farfisa synths and amps… on top of which we’ve played with traditional and folk flutes, percussions, marimbas, zills and other instruments gathered while traveling.

What about when it comes to influences?

We’re all avid music collectors and enjoy listening to music together. So much that a full wall of our rehearsal space was occupied by vinyl and a record player. While we have very diverse tastes in music, some shared influences for TUTUPATU are Can, Amon Düül, Agitation Free, Michael Rother, Flower Travellin’ Band, Pharoah Sanders, Swans, Beak>, Wooden Shjips, Natural Information Society, Eno, Robert Wyatt, Roedelius, Max Ritcher, Keiji Haino, Makoto Kawabata.

What’s next for you?

We’re very thankful for Broken Clover Record’s support and faith in us, and we’re a bit taken away by the very positive feedback the album has gotten so far… we’re an odd band with an odd sound so we were not expecting such an amazing response. Next is to play it live, something truly exciting for us as we improvise and experiment a lot on stage and we never play the same show twice… the noisy/weird/psychedelic music scene is amazing, there are plenty of interesting

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