PAINT – ‘Loss for Words’ (2023)

Uncategorized December 17, 2023

PAINT – ‘Loss for Words’ (2023)

New album by PAINT, a project by Pedrum Siadatian of the Allah-Las.

Pedrum Siadatian’s recent release, ‘Loss For Words,’ is just what the album’s title suggests, a gauzy hazed collection of tunes that hang together without words, nearly spontaneous instrumentations drawn from across the genre spectrum, which include krautrock, a tad of jazz, rock and some low keyed dub.

Per se, the nature of these tracks have not been fleshed out, but rather seem to embrace grooves and musical ideas, perhaps for later re-consideration. That said, it’s easy to hear Siadatian’s contributions to the material of the Allah Las throughout. Still, when all is said and done, there’s something exciting about hearing this material, where in its apparent incompleteness, I can’t help but feel that the music is like a normal day in the sun for me, forever distracted by one thing or another, never fully embracing an all-inclusive nature, more content to be satisfied with snippets that hang in my head in the fashion of a collage.

*** Limited Edition of 500 black vinyl records, along with 100 cassettes.

Jenell Kesler

PAINT – ‘Loss for Words’ (Grape Street Inc., 2023)

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