‘Neon Stella Series’ by Matt Lindauer | Album Premiere

Uncategorized December 15, 2023

‘Neon Stella Series’ by Matt Lindauer | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘Neon Stella Series’ by Matt Lindauer, out today.

The latest album is a collection of artful songs for these times, and also any times.  The leadoff track ‘News’ puts a musical expression to a familiar feeling: “I want to tell you it’s okay to read the news, pick it up, put it down any time you choose.”

Lindauer has a way of blending lyrical ease with uncomfortable themes, each song appearing as part of a care package for the listener’s ears, bruised and battered from our present day transmissions…a mystery skiff to spirit you away to moments of discovery you thought may never come again. ‘Sitting at Home’ was released as the album’s first single, a deft tribute to the song form with unique sad cowboy overtones. Each track reflects on the fracturing of communities and selves that contemporary life produces, and how humor and metaphor help us go on. ‘You’re’ taps into the way relationships bridge selves and perspectives. ‘Bliss’ captures the ways pain and pleasure can get wrapped up in one another. We last heard Lindauer on ‘Moon Shop,’ the experimental and instrumental banjo record from a few years ago that really took that instrument to some new places. This record brings Lindauer back to the song form and reflects his band work with Myrna, a three-piece Brooklyn dream pop group that knocked you over live and found radio listeners asking for more. This return to stripped down solo songs and singing, with some emotive instrumental work (‘In the Woods,’ ‘Tua,’ ‘525’), develops a world you’ll want to inhabit again and again.

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