‘Long Window’ by Katie Lass | New Album, ‘Hypnopomp’

Uncategorized November 17, 2023

‘Long Window’ by Katie Lass | New Album, ‘Hypnopomp’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Long Window’ by Katie Lass, taken from the latest album, ‘Hypnopomp,’ out November 4 via HHBTM and Remove Records.

‘Hypnopomp’ is the latest album by the visual turned audio artist Katie Lass. Katie sails between shoegaze and dream pop, originally coming from a more psychedelic visual background. Katie Lass lives and works in the general Detroit, Michigan area. She works in a record pressing plant, and once lived in Arizona working for a record plating plan.

“I’ve created a few animated blips in the past but nothing I’d present as a complete short film of sorts, until this one. A couple of the sequences came into being without much forethought, just improvised some visuals with painting and drawing, but many of the sequences were intended to illustrate sections of the music and lyrics. Among other things, I was inspired by the strange surrealism of Jan Švankmajer’s films and this other guy I discovered more recently, Kovásznai György, whose animation style has a real freedom and rawness to it while still feeling totally expansive and immersive. After seeing some of György’s work I was able to loosen up a bit more with my process and finished stringing together the video you see here.”

“‘Long Window’ was the first song I recorded for my first album, ‘Hypnopomp,’ in the Fall of 2020. I had bought a bass to use for recording and this bass-line showed up pretty soon after and became the basis for this song. Needless to say, the lyrics are open to different interpretations, but I think generally the song seeks to convey the far-flung feeling of longing and searching for meaning or purpose in life. Maybe it’s about looking outside yourself for happiness and acceptance and ultimately discovering you might just be the kind of person who needs to create your own meaning and purpose, to build your own world. This is a realization I often come back to, whenever I find myself looking long out from my window.

There was originally another stanza that went like this:

At night when I gaze far beyond the pane of my window
A darkness forever familiar exceeds my reach
When all of the space is between
Eclipsed by questions
Entire cascading cavernous soul repeats

Which in retrospect I think would’ve been nice to leave in, but the song just flowed a bit more simply without it, so here we are.” Katie Lass

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