‘Funeral Processional’ by Abby Nissenbaum | New EP, ‘Unreliable Narrator’

Uncategorized September 22, 2022

‘Funeral Processional’ by Abby Nissenbaum | New EP, ‘Unreliable Narrator’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Funeral Processional’ by Abby Nissenbaum, taken from the upcoming EP, ‘Unreliable Narrator’.

Nashville-based alternative indie-rock artist Abby Nissenbaum returns with her striking new single ‘Funeral Processional’, the second track to be released from her upcoming EP ‘Unreliable Narrator’. Having trained as a classical soprano and musical theatre performer, Nissenbaum’s move into the realms of indie rock has been fruitful with features across tastemaker press with a sound which encompasses elements of rock, indie and folk, comparable to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy with a hint of Nick Cave for good measure.

Featuring trombone from YouTube’s most-subscribed brass instrumentalist Christopher Bill, a musician who has served as musical director for episodes of Stranger Things and DC’s Stargirl, the new single serves to further showcase Abby’s impeccable feel for emotion and abilities as both an instrumentalist and a vocalist. Produced by Riley Geare (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Caroline Rose, La Luz) and mastered by Matt Qualls (Liz Brasher, Speck Joliet, Blvck Hippie), ‘Funeral Processional’ is another stunning example of Nissenbaum’s emotive, reflective songwriting.

Hard hitting, atmospheric and beautiful with an analogue warmth and atmospheric reverbs surrounding the muted guitar lines, piano, Abby’s effortlessly affecting vocals and haunting harmonies shine. As the track develops layers of brass, acoustic guitar and drums enter, building towards a stunning and unexpected up-tempo climax.

Talking about the meaning behind the single, Abby explains: “While the genesis of ‘Funeral Processional’ is in the ongoing Covid crisis, the lyrics may be more broadly interpreted as commentary on political and social issues. I wrote this song with Leigh [Holmes-Foster] after failed attempts at reasoning with people in my broader social circles whose views I vehemently disagree with on issues spanning the pandemic, abortion access, and LGBTQ+ rights. I allude to the helpless feeling of my words falling on deaf ears, conceding that “it’s your right; but it’s not righteous if it’s wrong” (for example, refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks). I was always so worn out by those discussions that I would usually cut the conversation short with a platitude like, “I guess nobody really knows the right answer,” so I mirrored that by repeating the words, “I don’t know” at multiple points throughout the song. Like, is the world going up in flames? Maybe, I don’t know. By the third verse, my agitation extends to some in the upper echelon of society; where I note that I’ve “heard the rich men made their plans to run away, leave the rest down here and fly up into space.” The rest of us down here are the ones who ultimately deal, day-to-day, with the impact of conspiracy theories they promulgate or harmful laws that they help pass, and I wanted to portray that frustration in the lyricism”.

Photo by Kara Nikol

As a songwriter, Nissenbaum’s lyricism often spans topics from mental health, to LGBTQ+ issues and societal commentary. This approach coupled with her unique – yet very much current – sound has seen Abby begin to make a name for herself as an exciting up-and-coming artist.

‘Funeral Processional’ is released September 23rd

Headline photo: Trish Haldin Photography

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