The Lower Depths – ‘Trip Hazards’ (2022)

Uncategorized August 4, 2022

The Lower Depths – ‘Trip Hazards’ (2022)

Anyone who knows me is aware that I go out of my way to collect even a single couchbound psychedelic number to add to my ever-growing list, all suitable for passing through an afternoon of soft dream-laden clouds drifting across the blue desert sky that makes up my backyard.

‘Trip Hazard’ is no exception, pulled from the new EP by Lower Depths; with Lower Depths being actually a single multi-instrumentalist artist. While all of the songs found here are very good, ‘Trip Hazard’ stands head & shoulders above the reset, laced with an infectious backbeat, washed with wave upon wave of jangling guitars and blessed by haunting vocals, a song that grows within me as I listen, a song that expands my listening space, a song that rides in my back pocket as well as any other I’ve heard in the last fifty years of wasted ethereal wanderlust.

While I dislike making comparisons, think Black Sand …

Jenell Kesler

The Lower Depths – ‘Trip Hazards’ (2022)

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