‘Angst’ by Luster | New Album Via Morc

Uncategorized June 9, 2022

‘Angst’ by Luster | New Album Via Morc

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Angst’ by Luster, taken from their upcoming self-titled album, out June 23th, 2022 via Morc.

The Belgian folk/drone rock sextet Luster is definitely one of the few bands that gathered a reputation before most people heard them, but eventually manages to exceed the expectations. Started as an informal meeting around 2012 the band worked at a notorious slow pace. Throughout the years, we heard many releases by all the other projects of the band members, but Luster kept stubbornly quiet, archiving complete recording sessions that other bands would have released without hesitation.

The only document of those first few years: the split 10″ with Hellvete. So instead of turning into a potentially prolific sextet, they really took their time to finetune their sounds, and turn into a tight but hazy sounding full band. Now, the result is something that doesn’t quite sound like anything else. Cello, flute, harmonium and violin blend in with the traditional guitar-bass-drums trio – making them land on a unique spot at the crossroad where ancestral doom folk, heady drone rock and spacious pop seamlessly meet. Kind of the missing link between Mazzy Star, Pentangle, Broadcast and Enhet For Fri Musik. It’s really that unique and that good, both live as on record.

Morc will release an edition of 150 copies in a very lush jacket: outer sleeves are screen printed + letterpressed.

Luster Official Website / Facebook / Instagram
Morc Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp

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