The Premonitions – ‘Some Strange Lust’/’Once In A Blue Moon’ (2022)

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The Premonitions – ‘Some Strange Lust’/’Once In A Blue Moon’ (2022)

Are you constantly seeking a psychedelic high? Of course you are! In that case, the new Premonitions single is the fix you need to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

Making out as a mutant variation of ‘I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)’ and ‘Defecting Grey’ – complemented by a rumble of jug band activity in honor of the 13th Floor Elevators – ‘Some Strange Lust’ logs in as a wickedly intense narration of a lysergic experience.

Telegraphed by cocky vocals bearing a vivid likeness to Rudi Portrudi of the Fuzzones, the dramatic track twists, turns and trembles with intrepid instrumentation. Roving keyboards, piercing guitars, lilting harmonies and novel hooks add up to a deliriously daring arrangement.

Testifying to be just as progressive, ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ heads towards the artsy pop side of the lane. Flip flopping from soft and shimmery textures to a harder edged sound, the utilization of an orchestra grants the song extra layers of color, depth and dimension. A sweet and catchy chorus of “ba ba ba’s” also courts the tune.

Based in Central Los Angeles, the Premonitions are consummate magicians of acid-styled garage rock. By following every trick in the sixties playbook, then tossing their own thoughts and creations into the ring, the band acknowledges the past as well as the present. Having noted that, “Some Strange Lust” and “Once In A Blue Moon” is filled with the kind of adventure and excitement the genre was built on.

Beverly Paterson

The Premonitions – ‘Some Strange Lust’/’Once In A Blue Moon’ (Hypnotic Bridge Records)

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