‘Mexican Road Trip’ by Captain Rico & The Ghost Band | New Album, ‘The Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches’

Uncategorized September 23, 2021

‘Mexican Road Trip’ by Captain Rico & The Ghost Band | New Album, ‘The Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Mexican Road Trip’ by Captain Rico & The Ghost Band, taken from their new album, ‘The Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches’.

Summer’s almost over but don’t fret, Captain Rico and the Ghost Band are here to help extend your beach dreams. Hailing from the French Basque Country, the enigmatic trio aims to bring the nostalgic sound of instrumental surf rock into 2021. Inspired by greats such as the Dick Dale and The Surfaris, the band puts their own spin on a classic sound, turning to richer, more intricate melodies, and song structures that are influenced by elements of jazz fusion.

In ‘Mexican Road Trip’, speedy reverb-driven tremolo guitar picking provokes the momentum of a high-speed car chase, with rolling drums and a rumbling bassline complementing the complexities of the melody. The visual is set to the backdrop of aerial footage following the band along for a trip in a vintage yellow Volkswagen Bus, stopping along the way to take out their instruments and jam.

In their debut album ‘The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches’, Captain Rico and the Ghost Band take you on a journey into the world of Surf Music. Made popular in the early 60s by groups like The Shadows, the Beach Boys, The Ventures and The Surfaris, this musical style is still very much in vogue in surfing spots worldwide.


The members of the group come from the Basque Country and have been immersed in surfing culture and the universe of the legendary Belharra wave since they were kids. ‘The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches’ sets this universe to music

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