Chasing Bone – ‘Now What?’ (2021)

June 18, 2021

Chasing Bone – ‘Now What?’ (2021)

Fast-acting Greek psychedelic trio Chasing Bone typically capture their recordings in a few hours, improvising sound collages until a coherent whole emerges from its myriad side routes and detours.

Instruments may range from traditional guitars and synths to tablas, percussives and “various household items”. Obviously whatever is to hand can be absorbed into the cosmic flow. As the title (and opening track) suggest, anything can happen. Feel flows, vibes vibrate, uncharted territory becomes the musical map, and “what the fuck, let’s try that” become the order of the day.


So whether it be an imposing synth rush intercepting a strolling acoustic street gathering on ‘I Want Dogs To Like Me’ or the avant skronk sax bursts throughout the syncopated, jazzy Crimsonesque ‘Come On You Good People’, you can always be assured that Chasing Bone will deliver unexpected surprises. ‘Let’s Move’ is a dreamy jazz roller coaster ride that trickles across the brain like the smoky downbeat vibes of Bohren and The Club Of Gore gatecrashing a Damo Suzuki-period Can improv party.

Late night, chill-out headcleaner ‘Remember To Forget’ settles the nerves, followed by the gentle acoustic wanderer ‘A Child Never Born’ before the stomping, booty-shaking cha cha dance groover ‘You’re Done/Meine Vision’ completely upsets the apple cart with its spoken word fairy tale. Mi D.’s confrontational German rap may be a bit offsetting under the circumstances, but the hypnotic repetitive mantra ‘Always Love You’ from the digital-only version of the album ends your trip with a warm and fuzzy comedown that is naturally derailed by street shouting, barking dogs, and insane bouzouki-styled string-plucking that can only mean those “bone” chasers are at it again!

Jeff Penczak

Chasing Bone – ‘Now What?’ (Released on Dinara Records, May 2021)

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