Black Sand – ‘Hypnotic Revolutions’ (2021)

June 23, 2021

Black Sand – ‘Hypnotic Revolutions’ (2021)

Weighted just enough to hover above my Persian carpet like low hanging morning haze, ‘Hypnotic Revolutions’ opens with purposeful wasted slow danceable intoxicated bliss; this time caressing my soul with more intention, passion and dedication through ever-present vocals, vocals that hold my attention like never before, committing me to a more conscious expansive airy listen.

This is washed out ethereal dream laden psychedelic music at its most romantic, due in part to the evenhanded direction and inspiration of Kate Hummel, where dare I suggest that this is the album Spacemen 3 might have created had they so dedicated themselves to the process rather than to the drugs.


This all leaves ‘Hypnotic Revolutions’ to come across in nature as a very generous raptured outing, moving at the pace of a fine timepiece, constantly ebbing forward and as inviting as a warm hand reaching out from the music, a hand willing to walk you home, lay your head on a pillow of feathers while covering you with a warm blanket of emancipated stars.

*** The outing is available as a CD-R housed in a hand screened printed sleeve, limited to 30 copies, along with a cassette recorded in real-time, limited to 20 copies.

Jenell Kesler

Black Sand – ‘Hypnotic Revolutions’ (2021)

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