‘Raul’ by Maya Mountains

May 7, 2020

‘Raul’ by Maya Mountains

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Raul’ by Maya Mountains!

Being close to stoner rock, heavy psych, 70’s sounds and bands like Black Sabbath, Melvins and Kyuss, Italy’s Maya Mountains just released their recent full length album ‘Era’ on April 17th via Go Down Records. Already twelve years after their fuzzy debut ‘Hash And Pornography’, the Venetian band returns with a brand new trippy and psychedelic adventure!

The inspiration for the second studio album of Maya Mountains is moving among dreamlike scenarios, exploring deep visions and far away galaxies. Truly a journey, embracing the band’s work of the last 5 years.

Lay back, watch the music video for ‘Raul’ and dive deep into the psychedelic world of Maya Mountains!

We wrote this song after a really special night, when we met an unique living being, called ‘Raul’. Since that memorable moment we’ve started a research of sounds and atmospheres to evoke a spacy trip and as soon as we found the right tune, we felt exactly like we did in that weird night! The song features vintage sounds but it is futuristic at the same time and for this reason, the character of ‘Raul’ is represented by Yuri Gagarin and the Soyuz programme. It’s also a tribute for the breakthrough those men gave to mankind, expanding most of all borders in mind.

‘Era’ out now on Go Down Records and available for purchase here!

Maya Mountains are:
Alessandro Toffanello | vocals, bass, synth
Emanuel Poletto | guitars
Marco Bortoletto | drums


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