Andrea Cormier – ‘Creatures of Illusion’ (2020)

May 10, 2020

Andrea Cormier – ‘Creatures of Illusion’ (2020)

Andrea Cormier, formerly with the band Beachglass, is out with a new collection of low-keyed ethereal numbers that nearly shimmer, balanced with grace and harmony.

Creatures of Illusion is more than an apt title, as all of her songs come across entirely translucent, though never hollow, seeming to have risen like a ghost lost among the Laurel Canyon hills, from years gone by, when a woman’s spacious mystical plaintive vocals, along with intelligent lyrics, resounded with wonder and delight.

The album is a magical affair, a new splendid version of psychedelic folk that’s been far too long hidden away, yet Cormier imaginatively turns an unexpected corner that will hold you comfortably, wrapped in a warm blanket of stars.

– Jenell Kesler


Andrea Cormier by Melissa Gamache

Andrea Cormier – ‘Creatures of Illusion’ (2020)

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