‘Mantra’ by The Kundalini Genie

February 16, 2020

‘Mantra’ by The Kundalini Genie

11:11 is the fourth studio album from The Kundalini Genie. The album features transcendental sitar, droning hypnotic fuzz rock, 60’s British Invasion inspired melodies and dreamy, spaced out soundscapes.

1. a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Embracing an ever growing-up sound, listeners of the Genie’s previous material will surely not be disappointed. 11:11 will be released by Space Ranch Records (EU) / Little Cloud Records (US).

All tracks performed and produced by Robbie Wilson
Except female vocals (The Sky Is Falling) – Julia McTiernan
Recorded by Robbie Wilson & Lewis Jaoui
Mixed by Jason Shaw
Mastered by Joe Carra
Artwork by Cyllan Wednesday

UK/EU pre-order | USA pre-order

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