Sunburned Hand Of The Man – ‘Headless’ (2020)

January 17, 2020

Sunburned Hand Of The Man – ‘Headless’ (2020)

The suntanned band with the sunburned hands returns with another frolicking set of mind-melting synapse fryers, sure to please their legion of psychonauts.

Across their too-numerous-to-count releases (numbers range in the 30s) and a revolving door membership that tops 50, the SHOT Man have evolved into an amorphous, organic vibefest of oozing gurgles, mellow yellow meanderings, occasional reggae grooves, and festival-styled improvisational jamming that beckons in the direction of like-minded astral navigators like Ozric Tentacles, Magic Mushroom Band, Astralasia, et. al, with a Jackie-O Motherfucker and Acid Mothers Temple nod dropping in for an occasional puff or three.

Songs aren’t so much “composed” as “happen”, with a chord or note here and there tripping into an extended detour into…well, wherever the groove takes them…and their audience. Opening saunter ‘Prism Mirror Lens’ morphs into the bubble-icious gurgle of ‘Experements’ before things settle down into the extended string bender, ‘Born Clever.’ ‘The Great Hope’ wakes up the neighbours with some brain-steaming riffage, as does the synth-inflected Sabbathian sludge of ‘Coffee and Cheese’.

‘Unsustainable’ certainly doesn’t refer to the listener’s buzz, as this Eastern-tinged dreamscape is perfectly suited for inner exploration and navel-gazing until…your brain is set for the heart-thumping ‘Agitation Cycle’ to scramble up the grey matter a bit! A little banjo picking jousts with a fuzzy slide to determine who is ‘The Most Relevant’ and ‘Framework’ leaves us in a herky-jerky haze of nitrous oxide, closing another essential release to add to the other hundred!

Sunburned Hand Of The ManHeadless (Cardinal Fuzz and Manhand) (Release Date 28th Feb 2020)

‘Headless’ by Sunburned Hand Of The Man

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