‘Mountain Pt. 1’ by Aux Portes

August 13, 2019

‘Mountain Pt. 1’ by Aux Portes

Aux Portes are an Austrian based neo psychedelic band. Today they are premiering their single “Mountain Pt. 1” taken from our upcoming EP Mountain.

The first part of the concept piece “Mountain”, from Vienna’s neo psych duo Aux Portes, is about a blind man, who embarks on a purely impossible task and tries to climb the Mountain. Instead of composing the perfect harmonious melody, with each upcoming part of the piece, Tobias and Aaron are with playing with the listener’s feelings and evoking different emotions- ranging from feelings of despair and doubt and resulting in the feeling of complete freedom upon reaching the top of the mountain.

Everything you hear and see, that is, music, mixing and video-making is all done by the band (members) themselves. From release to release, Aux Portes are doing their best in setting new standards and ways of expressing themselves in order to keep their artistic abilities free and flowing. Though this may not be the path to fast success, it feels as the only right way to let their music be as lively and groovy as they want it to be, and as they feel they live their lives!

This aim of Aux Portes highlights their need for authenticity and is being more and more recognized by their listeners and audience. “Mountain Pt. 1”, is all about the blind man and his experiences, but also full of love and dedication from the musicians themselves.


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