‘We Move Slowly Through the Past’ by Tarotplane

July 18, 2019

‘We Move Slowly Through the Past’ by Tarotplane

This summer the label Beyond Beyond is Beyond turn stateside once again with a bi-coastal kosmiche symbiosis from Baltimore’s Tarotplane and Prana Crafter from the woodlands of Washington state.

 The Tarotplane tracks on Symbiose were ones that I selected that showcased my more guitar oriented works. They were 5 individual cuts formed to make one long seamless track. The continuous track is something I have employed on all of my records so far. A few of the tracks were selected to show some newer effect techniques I have been using. The second track is using my Thai guitar (phin) and the 3rd track is my attempt to replicate the guitar style of Achim Reichel (interview here). He is one of my heroes. So much so that I went out and purchased an Akai X330D just like the one he uses. I contacted him to get a few tips on how to use the machine properly and that track is the result of my experimentation. I am very interested in learning the techniques of the 70s kosmiche greats and this record showcases a few of those styles. – PJ (Tarotplane)
Video created by Alexander Fingrutd

‘Symbiose’ by Prana Crafter / Tarotplane – Out August 16th on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Pre-order here

Prana Crafter’s ‘Jagged Mountain Melts at Dawn’, a present-tense title, like an ancient Chinese wilderness poem or Beat Generation prose, with a sound akin to Sandy Bull doing one of his epic blends on a more galactic canvas. This music softens the face and relaxes the belly as it explores the same mystic waters rowed by Manuel Göttsching on the much passed around live recordings from the early 70s.

Tarotplane’s ‘We Move Slowly Through the Past’ does indeed move slowly through nighttime flame-arcs and plangent whale song before engaging pineal thrusters for a proper space-rock rendezvous with something both ominous and inviting. A journey clearly inspired as much by Popol Vuh and Gila as by Pink Floyd. Tarotplane brings forth works that live and breathe in waves of shimmering timbre, a sound reminiscent of AR & Machines echodelic masterpieces, a true universal dream-mind sound.

Prana Crafter interview with William Sol

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