Astral Cloud Ashes – “Get Out To New York” (2018) review

January 7, 2019

Astral Cloud Ashes – “Get Out To New York” (2018) review

Astral Cloud AshesGet Out To New York (Self-released, 2018)
The UK-based Astral Cloud Ashes is a rock pop group in infancy. Still climbing in notoriety, they just recently released a new single, “Get Out to New York.”

The track is certainly fine-tuned for audiences looking for a pick-me-up. With airy percussion, emphatic fingerpicking, and spontaneous distortion, the group’s sound is a blend of Car Seat Headrest and The All-American Rejects…a precarious categorization indeed. The angsty vocals and rapid-fire chord progressions ambushing us from behind already have the potential to turn some listeners away—but perhaps draw in others. If you’re looking for a soundtrack alongside your morning cup of coffee, then this fun-loving rock may be for you. Remember friends, context is everything.
– Gabe Kahan
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