Raw Thrills – “Anne” premiere

July 30, 2018

Raw Thrills – “Anne” premiere

Zak Mering has recorded music under the Raw Thrills moniker for past 7 years or so, ever since he relocated to Brooklyn in 2009. He also runs GunkTVRecords. A record label meant to shine light on the many different projects and releases Zak has created, curated or been involved in. He also has collaborated with his younger sister, Natalie, whom is the critically acclaimed artist “Weyes Blood” who is on Sub Pop at the moment. He was in the infamous duo “Greatest Hits” with Tyler Thacker and did many projects with Sam Mehran under aliases “The Sweethearts, Mak Zering, 2 X Love, Green Crack & more”. He has, and continues to collaborate with a variety of talented and different musicians for many of the past years and many years to come.

He has also collaborated with Ariel Pink, Geneva Jacuzzi, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange, Test Icicles), Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood), DOM (Dom Kennedy), Daedelus (Anticon), Sam Mehran (Test Icicles, Outer Limits Recordings, Outer Limitz), Tyler Thacker (Lodro, Greatest Hits), Jerry Paper, TEAMS (Sean Bowie), Alice Cohen (The Vels and S/T and music videos), Taylor Ross (Surface to Air Missive & Dream Love), Punks On Mars (Ryan Howe), James Ferraro (Warp), Zechariah Funkhause, Samantha Urbani (Friends, Samantha Urbani, Groove Zone Crew), Nicky Schneider (Nicky Sparkles, MODE), John Maus, June Junior (June Everitt), Christina Schneider (Jepetos Solutions, CE Topical Solutions), Reuben Perelman (Vital Caress), Micah (bodygod), Jan Woo (Splash), Cory Nitta (Cory Enemy, Phlippians, Pink Enemy), Maria Minerva, Unless (Dewey Saunders), Natalie Rodgers (video director), Katie Wagner (Katie Rush), Ian Drennan (Big Troubles), Kelly Crummer (Silent Talk), Zac Davis (Sky Juice, Lambsbread) and many many more artist. Mostly music collaborations, but some are video collaborations as well.
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  1. Jeremy true

    I don't know about this "album", but this guy released a follow up Anne II, which was straight up a 1983 album by another artist, slowed down 10% and then he rearranged the songs and renamed them. Some of his other videos of "his songs" have also been called out. Anyone know if this album is also literally someone else's work? Here's one he literally just renamed as his. https://youtu.be/-db1VBxB8kY

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