Zuma Birds – “Contact Light” (2017) review

March 14, 2018

Zuma Birds – “Contact Light” (2017) review

Zuma Birds – Contact Light (2017)
Zuma Birds are a new trio from Madrid lead by guitarist and vocalist, Shakin’ Dave. The band’s main inspiration are the great bands of the 60’s and 70’s… Neil Young, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, etc. … with their own twist. Dave has a very special tenor voice.

“Easy Rider” starts things off with a guitar riff that might have been on a ZZ Top record from 1972. It is a happy track with some great guitar work. “Deadhead Suzie” is a fun track that tells a fun story. I guess you can guess what it is about?! It features some piano and pedal steel as well. “A Town With No Name” is one of my favorites from the record. It’s a longer track, with a great guitar solo, some very nice drums and bass on this one as well. “Let Me Follow You Down” slows things down a bit. “King Of The Mountain” has a nice subtle organ and a really nice guitar line (a bit like The Outlaws or something). This one really rocks out at the end. Great track. “Drifter” starts slowly but then takes a very different turn at around 2 ½ min, where they have a bit of a psychedelic freakout for a min or so and then back to a nice guitar solo break. “The Midnight Train” is another happy rock and roll number with a nice harmony guitar part at the end and some nice double tracked solos. The album ends with “She’s Got Stars In Her Eyes” and it has a bit of country western movie soundtrack vibe to it and some great guitar work.

If you liked the last Gin Lady record, Electric Earth, you will also dig this record. Just classic rock, done very well with great songs, nice vocals (a bit special) and some fantastic guitar parts and solos. Good job guys. 
– Scott Heller
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