The Hanging Stars – ‘Golden Vanity’ / ‘Floodbound’ (2015)

March 17, 2018

The Hanging Stars – ‘Golden Vanity’ / ‘Floodbound’ (2015)

When this single arrived at my door I was rather stuck by the sincerity and hazed splendor of the neo-psychedelic jangle pop held within these groves, riding on smooth currents and delivering easy laidback intoxication. So I was eager to hear more, especially when I discovered that there were two formal albums to be had.

With that in mind I imagined that I was about to dive headlong into an atmospheric wanderlust, though that was not to be the case with either Songs From Somewhere Else, which inspired me to keep but three of the tracks, or Over The Silvery Lake where I kept but two of the songs … that being said, the numbers “Floodbound” and “Golden Vanity” are also to be found on Over The Silvery Lake. And here I am yet again, left with two albums that I needed to comb through in order to avail myself of the songs which drifted through my head with the most comfort.

If you were to ask me to put my finger down and point to what didn’t appeal to me on those remaining tracks I might have a difficult time, though for all intend and purposes I’d suggest that those numbers hadn’t been as deeply considered, constructed or as well thought out. This is the problem when songs that are so strong are stacked up against or mixed in with much weaker material, where those that are good stand out like a big ol’ smiling orange moon, and the others, well, they’re nothing more than a momentary breeze that catches annoyingly in the corner of my eye, disturbing what I’d hoped would be a delightful couch-bound evening of spacious endeavors.

But hey, that’s just me, you may walk away with an entirely different take on the matter … regardless, The Hanging Stars are worth your time and consideration, if for nothing more then to discover the songs that resonate best with you.

Consider the following: “How I Got This Way,” “Dig A Hole,” “Floodbound,” “Golden Vanity,” “Crippled Shining Blues,” “On A Sweet Sumer’s Day” and Running Waters Wide,” as they are all available on Bandcamp.

– Jenell Kesler

The Hanging Stars – ‘Golden Vanity’ / ‘Floodbound’ (2015) (The Great Pop Supplement, 2015)

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