Uncle Acid – ‘The Night Creeper’ (2015)

April 9, 2017

Uncle Acid – ‘The Night Creeper’ (2015)

The Night Creeper, by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, is their third record, and it shows them progressing. And it’s fucking fantastic.

It has the riffs and vibes of Black Sabbath, with haunting vocals, and a sense of melody that most Stoner Doom Metal bands lack. There are hooks, and dark vibes. It’s incendiary. And if anybody doubts their legitimacy, they opened for Black Sabbath on the UK leg of their last tour, which in Doom, that’s a hell of a endorsement. They don’t copy Sabbath, they put their own dark, melodic spin on the genre.


This record is absolutely phenomenal, dark, abysmal, eerie, and filled with incredible freakin’ riffs. With lyrics that are reminiscent of old school b-horror films, they create an atmosphere that literally makes you feel like you are walking down a dark alley in the cold English rain. With songs like “Waiting For Blood”, “Pusher Man”, and the title track, slow, sludgeing Sabbath-esgue riffs, Iron Maiden like guitar harmonies, and hints of dark, disturbed Psychedelia. And songs like “Down Town”, “Melody Lane”, that are harmonious, hooking, melodic riffers, that induces headbanging, that will stick in your fucking head no matter where you are. Psychedelic, blood trenched doom with pop sensibilities, a perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse.

There’s a bouncy, fuzz filled, bluesy waltz called “Inside”, that just drives me insane. Polar opposites work out extremely nicely here. The closing track, “Slow Death”, is definitely a very strong point on this album.

The production is vintage, and punchy. It doesn’t sound dated, which is a great thing about it. It is so dense, and they are so good at creating ambience, its brilliancy. It’s art, pure art. I give this album a 8/10, there are some parts that drag, but other than that this album is fucking great.

– Andy Thunders

Uncle Acid – The Night Creeper (Rise Above Records, 2015)

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats interview

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