Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #9 (December)

December 3, 2016

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #9 (December)

A brand new podcast hosted by Ross Beattie (The Night Tripper)
Dragonfly – Celestial Empire
Björn Famne – Vampire 
Eternal Tapestry – Mountain Primrose 
Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Nuclear War 
Country Joe & The Fish – Death Sound
White Manna – Deathless Guru 
Kikagaku Moyo – Silver Owl
Hal Blaine – Hallucinations (April)
Finch – A Bridge To Alice
Ty Segall – I Got Stoned
Yeti Lane – Sway
Goat – Goatlord/Det Som Aldrig Forandras/Diarabi
Krokodil – Blue Flashing Circle
Saddar Bazaar – Mi’Rifa

Check out Björn Famne (Woah Dad! reissue), Eternal Tapestry, White Manna, Kikagaku Moyo, Ty Segall, Goat and Saddar Bazaar.
Ross Beattie – Poet, hermit, professional drop out – Originally from London now lives in the Highlands of Scotland and produces independent radio programs and podcasts as The Night Tripper.
More details on his shows can be found by visiting the Too Rare To Die Facebook page. (Check his latest).
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