It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: Centralstödet – “Gräva Grav/Två Nyktra Veckor Senare” (Hjärndimma) premiere

July 20, 2016

It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: Centralstödet – “Gräva Grav/Två Nyktra Veckor Senare” (Hjärndimma) premiere

The promised return of Centralstödet! Leading up to the release of brand new studio material from these heavy Swedish proggers, Sky Lantern Records is excited to present Hjärndimma, a thundering live document cut last winter deep in a waterfront warehouse (shed number 46, to be precise) in the band’s hometown of Göteborg. 

Though their home-taped debut blew a lot of people out of the water, Centralstödet is essentially a live band, and it’s in this setting that their fire burns brightest. A medley of pieces from 2014’s Solkurva, Krök, En Böj tape is book-ended here by a pair of new numbers, including one (the jagged closer “Signalfel”) showing off an expanded five-man lineup with Felix Eliasson on electric piano. The band clearly hasn’t been sitting on their hands since we last saw them, as these recordings indicate a marked refinement of technique and a vivid expansion of the fundamental Centralstödet sound into new and exciting psychedelic territory. Tape loops, overloaded echo units, and prerecorded sounds bounce around the stage during and between cuts, and the signature mountain troll stomp carved out on Sulkurva by the rhythm section of Joni Huttunen and Jonas Fridlund is leavened by the band’s sense of deeply woven inter-connectivity. Ulrik Lindblom and Daniel Johansson’s sharp, fuzzed out guitars lock together gearlike, sustaining momentum while elevating the proceedings higher and higher into the rainy Swedish night – dig the stratospheric, feedback-drenched vamp that emerges out of the “Gräva Grav” and “Två Nyktra Veckor Senare” collision. 
Needless to say, we’re beyond excited to see where this band heads next.

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  1. Heavy Psych

    Good to see these guys are active. Good SWE underground long jam psych similar to TGS

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